Letters to the Editor for February 24, 2021


Truth didn’t matter

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, we witnessed in horror, an angry violent mob attack our Capitol building. Prior to the insurgency, then-President Trump spent months feeding his base lies of a rigged and stolen election. He summoned his followers to the Capitol, inciting anger and insurrection, with words such as “stop the steal” and “fight like hell.” He even disparaged his own vice president, placing Mr. Pence’s life in danger, as well as countless others.

On Jan. 13, in a news release, Rep. Amodei commented “last Wednesday was an awful a day as there is… yes there is blame and responsibility for the president and yes we need to know who the perpetrators are…” But instead of taking action, Mr. Amodei voted against impeachment.

During the Senate Impeachment trial, we watched terrifying videos and heard irrefutable evidence demonstrating Trump’s involvement leading to the Capitol attack. Those truths did not stop the majority of Republican senators giving this man a free pass.

I find it indefensible that so many Republicans chose allegiance to a vengeful man, who was clearly violating the outcome of our democratic election and refusing the peaceful transfer of power. By not holding Trump accountable for his role in the insurgency and resulting violence and death, it paves the way for future coups and insurrections.

Trump has always acted as if he were above the law, and that truth didn’t matter – the Republicans proved him right.

Ellen O’Malley Eng

Carson City

Growth limits are smart

In Saturday’s issue Jim Valentine in his real estate column asks, “Is your local government trying to control the market by limiting or inhibiting growth?” “It truly serves nobody,” he answers, “when the government tries to do what the market will naturally do by itself, but there are those people who think they know better and are going to save us from ourselves … now that they’ve moved here.”

He continues to mine this vein for another four or so column inches.

Speaking as one of “those people” let me try to save you from yourself, Mr. Valentine. I am pleased to see that Carson City’s government has set limits on growth so we do not outrun our water supply, and enforces building codes to give us confidence in the value of our properties. Our local government is not a faceless entity, as you imply, but simply honest folk trying to do their best.

As for what the market will naturally do when left to its own devices we have numberless examples. Surely, you can recall the events leading up to 2008 when the financial market was set free of “nasty” government inhibition. More recently we have the sorry GameStop tale to help us understand that, the “market” is a powerful tool. Like a sharp knife, its use must be governed to do good. Left to itself the market, a.k.a. “capitalism,” helps the rich get richer temporarily, the poor get savaged, and the country go to hell.

Michael Goldeen

Carson City

A little perspective

Shortly after The Beatles invaded America in the early ’60s, thousands of young Americans took to their garages, guitars, drums, keyboards in hand to try to answer those mop-headed Brits (yours truly, drummer Rick, couldn't sing a lick, and never got out of the garage). Some with awesome talent, some with just enough to cut a 45 record and get played on the radio. With no follow ups, they became known as the "one hit wonders" of their time.

And now that we have finally flushed down the toilet of history our very own "one term blunder," it remains to be seen what more shall we have in store. As the insurrectionist GOP faction continue with the big lie, what more silly conspiracy theories will take hold. It didn't take long.

Gene Robinson. Incredible. In a country that just surpassed 500,000 dead citizens from a pandemic over a year old now, a country in economic peril, rudderless for four years regarding climate change, ridiculous and needless hunger statistics, Mr. Robinson decides to complain about gasoline prices! Are you serious? In wake of all that has happened. And then he blames the Democrats for something I'm not sure of (maybe $2.75 per gallon).

Gene baby, have you forgotten the $4.50 a gallon price during the dimwit Dubya years? As he let his Wall Street chums rum amok and tank our nation into its worst recession since the Great Depression. Dude, I think your perspective is off a bit.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City


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