Sports books buoy northern and small market win in January

Fueled in part by an extra week of football action, Nevada sports books recorded their fourth-highest win of all time in January.
Gaming Control Board Analyst Mike Lawton said football wagering benefited from an additional week of games in January compared to the same month a year ago.
Altogether, sports pools won $52.4 million, a 160 percent, $32.2 million increase over January 2020.
But with win on the Las Vegas Strip down 43.8 percent, a $250.7 million decrease, total win for the month was still off 26.6 percent at $761.8 million compared to a bit over $1 billion a year ago
The main culprit was Baccarat, which reported win of just $28.2 million, down $81.7 million. While the win percentage was down from 11.9 percent to 8.25 percent, the amount wagered on Baccarat was off even more — down $580.9 million or 62.9 percent.
Altogether, the Strip accounted for 90.9 percent of state total decrease in January.
Only one of the eight reporting areas in Clark County was up in January — Mesquite which saw a 6.3 percent increase.
Other markets, however, especially in the north, are doing pretty well assisted by the increase in sports book win. Most reported monthly increases for January.
Sports win was up 581 percent in the Carson Valley area, which includes valley portions of Douglas County as well as the capital. Carson’s total win was up12.9 percent to $9.78 million, primarily because slot win increased $1 million or 12.4 percent.
South Shore casinos at Lake Tahoe were one of the few reporting areas in the north to see total win drop. Win of $17.5 million was actually down 11.46 percent from $20.1 million reported in January 2020. Again, sports books did well at South Shore, reporting a 230 percent increase. To just over $1 million in win.
North Shore casinos at Lake Tahoe reported total win of $1.99 million, a 23.8 percent increase. Sports book win was up 797 percent in that market.
Washoe County as a whole was up 4.91 percent to $68.7 million. While the increases in Reno and Sparks were modest, the Balance of County that includes casinos outside those cities was up 24.75 percent.
Again the sports book win was up dramatically — some 1,200 percent to $4.13 million.
Churchill County’s 10 non-restricted gaming locations reported $2.05 million in win. While sports book win totaled only $28,000, it still represents a 624 percent increase over a year ago. The vast majority of Churchill’s win — $1.9 million of that total — comes from penny slots and multi-denominational machines.
Area                   Win           Percentage Change
Statewide          $761.85 million         -26.58%
Carson Valley            $9.78 million              12.91%
South Shore               $20.16 million   -26.58%
North Shore               $1.99 million              23.77%
Washoe County         $68.7 million              4.91%
Reno                           $48.4 million              1.86%
Clark County              $617.29 million         -31.7%
The Strip           $321.5 million   -43.81%


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