Sisolak calls for clarity on Nevada’s low vaccination shipments

Gov. Steve Sisolak has sent a letter to federal officials asking why Nevada has received the second lowest number of vaccines per capita in the U.S.

He said as of Sunday, Nevada had received 286,950 doses of vaccine. He said that is 9,316 per 100,000.

“Nevada has consistently ordered to our state cap allocation and, last week, we submitted a comprehensive vaccine order for first doses that would meet the weekly needs of the state which was met with an immediate denial through the ordering system,” he said in a letter to acting HHS Secretary Norris Cochran.

He said with extensive local partnerships, Nevada could drastically scale up vaccinations but that the state needs the doses to match that need to reach Nevadans.

He asked the secretary to find out why Nevada isn’t getting the vaccines it needs and find ways to increase the state’s allocation both immediately and long term.

He said Nevada was promised equitable allocations of vaccine doses and his job is to make sure the federal government lives up to that commitment for all 3.2 million Nevada residents.


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