Some state workers taking furloughs missed during legislative session

With the additional cash projected by the Economic Forum in December, the governor and lawmakers were able to cancel the day-a-month unpaid furloughs for state workers effective with the new budget.
That budget took effect July 1.
But some employees in critical positions were unable to take furlough days during the legislative session and ended up owing back furlough days for the period from January through June.
Those most likely to be impacted are employees working for constitutional officers, the state finance office, legislative staff along with most administrators, directors and deputy directors. But most of them were aware of the rule.
While some workers were able to take one or more of those required furlough days, others were not, so for some employees that meant six days off after session without pay.
The Division of Human Resource Management sent out a memo explaining the decision but obviously some folks — particularly lower level line employees — didn’t get the word.
The decision was described as a matter of fairness since the vast majority of state workers had been taking their monthly furloughs through the first six months of 2021.


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