9,400 small businesses in Nevada get federal virus relief money

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and Treasurer Zach Conine said Monday that some 9,400 small Nevada businesses have been awarded cash through the federal Coronavirus Relief Funds Act.
The program was launched in October with just $20 million in grant funding but grew to more than $100 million in total funding.
The money went to a variety of businesses to help them make payroll, pay the rent and utilities and keep their doors open, said Sisolak. He said the final funding will be distributed in the next few weeks.
“This program saved a countless number of jobs and made it so many of our small businesses could see a light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.
Conine said the Pandemic Emergency Technical Support program provided a lifeline to businesses that were doing everything they could to stay open through the pandemic.
But he said more work has to be done and he will be talking to business owners across the state to provide them with more help.
Half the money went to disadvantaged businesses including women, veteran and disabled-owned businesses.
Bars and restaurants got 7 percent of the money, non-profits 7 percent and arts and culture organizations 3 percent. “Other” businesses claimed the remaining 30 percent of the money.


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