Jim Valentine: Selling in the heat

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

We recently discussed summer real estate, but the heat we are experiencing this year is an entirely different topic of discussion. These days of high 90s and low 100s temperatures make things challenging for buyers, sellers and agents to go about their business.
Sellers need to keep their house presentable for showings, which should include keeping it cool and opening the window coverings to show how bright it is. With high temperatures, some folks allow the home to get a few degrees hotter than normal to save electricity by reducing their air conditioning usage. Likewise, closing the drapes and blinds to keep the sun out keeps it cool, but it also results in the “cave” effect when buyers walk in to look, thus dampening the first impression effect. Sellers also need to keep the landscaping watered and maintained to prevent loss from the heat.
We love buyers who look in the heat just like we love buyers who look in the cold and snow. They are serious enough to forego their own personal comfort to pursue their goal of home ownership. It’s a good time to look for much of your competition is staying home in the air conditioning, thinking they’ll go look when it cools down, both agents and buyers. By then you could be in escrow and your inspections ordered if you act now. Once you get a home in escrow most of your follow up activities will be in an a/c environment so what’s a few minutes of discomfort to get to the next level?
Agents are people too. News to some for sure, but they, too, feel the heat when they have to perform their duties. They can sit in the air conditioned office biding their time, or they can go show and look at properties to further their clients’ interests. The good ones without health limitations are out there working.
If you are going to close up your home, let the agent know that they can open it with the understanding that they will close it for you. They will know when they get there that they need to scurry to get things brightened up. If they do it quickly they can still get some of the room looking cheery for the first impression. Instead of cookies on the counter like you do in the winter, you might leave a note that you have bottled water in the fridge for the agent and his customers. Nice human touch in these times that could give you separation from other homes they are looking at. “Oh, that’s the one where we got the water!” They will remember you.
When you look in the extreme heat be sure to hydrate, take water with you. Dress in cool clothes, your agent might even be wearing shorts and sandals to keep cool and so, of course, can you. Be careful what you touch, metal can get hot in this type of weather. Touching a metal gate or pole can burn you. Proceed with caution. If looking at a desert property watch for snakes that may be sunbathing as you walk the grounds. You may still be using COVID protocols and driving your own car, or riding with your agent these days. Keep your car cool so you don’t overheat as you proceed from home to home if you are looking at multiple properties.
Buyers should look at the property when it is available, and sellers should let the buyers in when they want to look. Weather is temporary, but home ownership has long term consequences. Act now if the property appears. Go out of your comfort zone to achieve your goal, you will be happy with the results. The heat experience you face will simply be embellishment for the tales you tell about your house buying experience. Stay cool, be safe, and enjoy the experience. Your bravery of facing the oppressive heat will give you separation in the market and you just might reduce your stress level with a home in escrow by sweating a bit along the way.
Good things come to those who … sweat. From COVID to HEAT, we are seeing Mother Nature affirm her strength. Roll with it.
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