Carson City hazard mitigation plan workshop Thursday

The 2021 hazard mitigation plan final draft is now available for public review.
The public is welcome to attend in public or by Zoom 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Thursday.
The workshop is at the Sheriff’s Office, 911 E. Musser St. The meeting also is available on Zoom at
Since mid-April, Deputy Emergency Manager Jason Danen has been leading the effort to update the 2016 Carson City Hazard Mitigation Plan. The final draft is now available for public review at
In May, Carson City circulated a survey inviting the community to comment on the hazard-related events they have experienced over the last five years. The survey participants acknowledged how local hazard events impacted them personally, for example, limiting activities due to smoke and/or infectious disease, disrupting job routines – an issue noted by those on the front lines of hazard events as well as those whose work involves community interaction, and revising day-to-day routines.
Storms and flooding were noted as causing property damage, power outages, travel delays, poor driving conditions, and supply shortages. The impacts of wildland fires on air quality, outdoor activities, property damage, power outages, and water damage were also noted. Community members responding to the survey demonstrated rising concern about water rationing, fire risk, and rising costs associated with long-term drought conditions.
Several respondents noted that hazard events themselves have heightened their awareness of how to reduce their risk, be prepared for an emergency, and learn more about hazard events. Recommendations included increasing fuel reduction for fire prevention, making the city more bikeable, promoting public/shared transportation, and incentivizing conservation efforts.
The 2021 Carson City Hazard Mitigation Plan presents 60 mitigation actions, including 12 new additions to the city’s overall mitigation strategy. Many of these actions, both new and ongoing, address the concerns members of the community described above. New actions include designing and constructing a City-owned fuel facility to secure this resource during power outages, incorporating the HMP Update process into the Strategic Plan to integrate the HMP mindset into all facets of the city’s oversight, as well as planning and constructing an Emergency Operations Center to strengthen the ability to prepare for and respond to hazard events.


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