Weekly COVID tests ordered for unvaccinated state workers

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State officials say unvaccinated state workers will soon be required to take weekly COVID tests.
In a press release issued late Wednesday, they announced the state is working to implement a testing program in mid-August. The state already has mask requirements in place for employees who are not fully vaccinated.
The governor’s office is encouraging state employees to get vaccinated before the August weekly testing requirements take effect.
State government workplaces that reach 70 percent or higher vaccination rates will not be required to follow the weekly testing requirement but masks will still be required for the unvaccinated.
They also announced that any state worker who gets the virus will be required to use their own sick leave and won’t be eligible for paid administrative leave unless they can show evidence of a vaccination or a doctor’s statement that they have a medical condition preventing vaccination.
In addition, state workers in counties that have imposed more restrictive measures must follow the local rules. That includes Clark County where the county commission has ordered all indoor employees including gaming workers to again wear masks at work.
Clark County has now fully vaccinated 45 percent of eligible people — those aged 12 and older.
Washoe County has fully vaccinated 56 percent of its population and, in Carson City, just a fraction under 50 percent are vaccinated.


Amer.Patriot 1 week, 1 day ago

So this state is willing to pay for time off if they get COVID and have the vaccine but not if they didn't have the vaccine? Sounds like just another form of discrimination & attempted power grab by our illustrious Governator.

No ya won't be Baaack!

Joe 1 week, 1 day ago

For 18 months now, people have been comparing COVID Case Fatality Rates with seasonal flu Infection Fatality Rates. More importantly, they've been comparing modeled seasonal flu IFR to COVID CFR. This has been done in order to create an ongoing panic to justify the lockdowns and to destroy a 22 Trillion dollar economy. This is a HUGE problem because it's not comparing apples to apples. If you compare apples to apples using CDC data, we find that Nevada's seasonal flu CFR for the 2018-2019 reporting period had a CFR of 9.3%. Compare that to Nevada's COVID CFR of 1.7% since it began. Again, you MUST compare known cases and known deaths of COVID with known cases and known deaths of seasonal flu. When you do that, you realize how overblown this whole thing has been.

RobertS 1 week, 1 day ago

Country has been hijacked by democrat traitors. Don't get vaccine. Many have died doing so. Controlled media outlets such as this paper are hiding truth.

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