Letters to the Editor for June 2, 2021

Bill is government overstep at its finest
Nevada Legislature passes AB59 to raise the smoking age to 21.
I just don’t understand, with all the issues our state has to deal with, they spend time on this AB59 they passed and the governor signed into law immediately. The government finds that an adult, who can vote, fight and die for our country at 18, raises the smoking age to 21. Let the adults make their own decision whether or not they want to smoke and not pass a law to restrict someone’s freedom to choose.
Funny thing is that the bill requires sellers of tobacco products to verify the name, date of birth and residential address and yet the Legislature doesn’t care to verify a voter’s identification for voting. If they require Identification for this — they should require identification to vote — make it easy to vote and harder to cheat!
Scott Hoen
Carson City


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