Letters to the Editor for June 5, 2021

Everyone including Farmer has an opinion
On the anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre and at the same time that Republican legislatures around the country are trying to suppress the voting rights of people of color, Guy Farmer wants to rant about the black racist mayor of Chicago.
As usual, when it comes to race, Guy only seems to have a problem with people of color and their causes. He qualifies himself to comment on racism by digging back to the 1950s and ‘60s to find a couple of instances in his life that he can claim some kind of connection to racial decency. I say what have you been doing lately? Of course, this is the same Guy who claims to not even know what white privilege is, yet he seems to think he has a good grasp of critical race theory and all its evils.
Like most things Guy writes about, a little further examination is in order. The Lightfoot issue was in regards to a specific interview request and for a specific reason, not a racist, blanket policy like Guy would have you believe. By the way, the “journalist” in question was a white male working for a rightwing media outlet founded by Tucker Carlson. Go figure.
This is just another kind of sad piece column coming from our state capital’s only newspaper’s “senior political columnist.” Maybe Guy could use a little editorial oversight occasionally. But, I know, this is the opinion page and you know what they say about opinions! Just sayin.
Vincent Barnes
Carson City


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