Teri Vance: More consideration to Nevada Day

Teri Vance, in Carson City, Nev., on Friday, April 19, 2019.

Teri Vance, in Carson City, Nev., on Friday, April 19, 2019.

Last week, I invited the community to weigh in on the proposal to move the celebration of Nevada Day from the last Friday in October back to its original day on Oct. 31.
I think a lot of people agree with Laurie Livermore, who said, “When they first changed it (in 1999), I didn’t like it, but I do now.”
The Nevadan in me felt the same way. I didn’t want to see it change from the original date, but the three-day weekend is much more accommodating.
Steven Ranson put it better.
“I’m a purist, but the three day weekend brings people to celebrate two or three days of events,” he said. “Not only that but I’ve talked to people who not only visit Carson City but also Virginia City, Minden, etc. I say shame on the Las Vegas assemblyman who’s proposing this. He has admitted to never attending Nevada Day. To me, he didn’t do his homework.”
Rob Galloway also has an issue with the source of the legislation.
“The problem with the legislation is the reasoning and the who is behind it,” he said. “If you’ve never been to the celebration to understand the impact, how can you possibly submit it? A politician needs to understand ALL of the impacts, not just act on a whim from a question posed by a handful of people they know. It’s a shame how this has come to light.”
Teri Preston points out that the three-day holiday allows for participation in all of the Nevada Day events — which go way beyond just a parade.
“The 2019 Nevada Day parade had 14 bands from throughout the state. Elko is a band that we always count on,” she said. “Did you know the number of entries were capped because so many people wanted to participate? When we were kids Carson was much smaller. Nevada Day is the Parade, Beard Contest, Fun Run, Ballon launch, class reunions and the rock drilling. Did you know that UNR has a ladies team for rock drilling and in 2019 they broke the record?”
Still, some people remain unconvinced.
“I am all for the actual day,” said Mike Aiazzi. “I loved having the ‘floating holiday’ growing up. That being said, I understand the Nevada Day celebration perspective, but don’t think we should change the day for it.”
Ruthie Aberasturi Gordon has her own reasons.
“As a Nevadan born on the 31st of October and raised in Carson, I like it on the 31st,” she said. “Trick-or-treat the night before, take your candy to the parade, no work no school! Three days are nice, but we are not getting any more people to the parade than before. We always had bands from Vegas to Elko and everywhere between. We actually don’t now.”
Having celebrated both ways, Meliah Gonzales trusts the wisdom behind moving it to a three-day weekend.
“Been there done that,” she said. “It was changed for a reason, and it’s working. Children are safe on Halloween, businesses are flourishing for the weekend, and tourists and locals both enjoy the three-day weekend festivities.”


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