Carson City Sheriff’s Office honors women behind the badge

In honor of Women’s History Month Carson City Sheriff’s Office is commemorating Carson City’s first patrolwoman, Deputy Gladys Brister, and celebrating today’s sworn officers: Investigations Detective Erin McMahon, Special Enforcement Team Deputy Samantha Torres, Patrol Deputy Jessica Dickey, Patrol Deputy Liz Granata, School Resource Officer Martha Tschetter, Deputy Lauren Eissinger, and Deputy Bethany Wurster.

Brister took the oath to serve on Jan. 6, 1975, establishing her as the first patrolwoman in Carson City. She served under oath for 23 years. After her retirement Brister continued to be active in the community, she was heavily involved in the Cadet Program and found opportunities to promote safety and crime awareness whenever possible.In her obituary Brister’s family wrote, “Some of her brothers tried to discourage her from following her dreams, stating they were afraid she would get hurt or she didn't have what it took to be a deputy sheriff. Gladys fought hard to get as far as she did in law enforcement.” Brister passed away in 2019.
Today, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office has seven sworn women, Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said.
“Gladys forged a new era in law enforcement locally and paved the way for many other women to join her career path. Today, women in law enforcement are fused into every divisional assignment, including patrol, detention, schools, and investigations. We are so thankful for Deputy Bristers fortitude and ground-breaking perseverance,” Furlong said.

SRO Tschetter has served a long career in law enforcement, nearly reaching her 20-year longevity milestone, she is currently posted in the School Resource Officers Program providing a safe learning environment in our schools while fostering mentorship opportunities for at risk youth.
Patrol Deputy Dickey took the oath of service in 2006. This year will be a notable year for Dickey, as she’ll be the first woman assigned to an all motorbike team targeting traffic safety operations.
Det. McMahon started her career with the Sheriff’s Office in 2008, she holds the responsibility of investigating crimes that warrant further investigation beyond the initial report taken by the Patrol Division. The nature of crimes she is tasked with range from simple petit larcenies to violent crimes against persons to homicide.
Deputy Granata has served five years with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and works every aspect of law enforcement: emergency vehicle operation, use of firearms, defensive tactics, criminal law, arrest and patrol procedures, crisis intervention, and more. She was previously a School Resource Officer for our schools but now she’s on patrol.
SET Deputy Torres joined the force in 2018. Torres is part of a team that specializes in combat gang activities throughout the region, street drug use, mid-level drug distribution networks, and major Federal Task Force enforcement opportunities. Torres operates an undercover vehicle for surveillance and pursuit details, and intelligence operations.
Deputy Wurster started her career with the Sheriff’s Office just before the pandemic in 2019. She’s currently assigned to the Detention Center ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the inmates while detained.
Deputy Eissinger joined the Sheriff’s Office this month and is currently assigned to the Detention Center working alongside Deputy Wurster.
For those interested in pursuing a career in public safety, consider the Uniformed Reserve Deputy Sheriff Program which is a volunteer organization of individuals who provide the Sheriff's Office with additional law enforcement resources to better serve the citizens of Carson City. Contact Reserve Commander Tom Crawford at (775) 283-7896.


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