Letters to the Editor for March 24, 2021

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for vaccine
We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Bottenberg and his staff for conducting COVID-19 vaccination clinics at his office not only for his patients but also for qualified community residents.
As widely known, getting on a vaccination list and then receiving a return call from a pleasant person (thanks Molly!) has been difficult especially in these early days of vaccination availability.
The clinics were efficiently and professionally managed (thanks again, Molly!). Bottenberg personally performed the injections and we didn't even have to get out of our car. His compassionate care was certainly noted and appreciated.
Since we're both in our 70s, it is a relief to finally be fully vaccinated.
Myla C. Florence
Christina Van Hook
Carson City

Politics over America
Something really big seems to have happened in America; the era of “the era of big government is over” is over. For the first time since 1981 under Reaganism which made the wealthy wealthier and increased poverty by shrinking the middle class, the notion of government as the solution has been resurrected.
Biden's American Rescue Plan (like FDR's New Deal) will eliminate much poverty by lifting many back up into the middle class with stimulus payments, unemployment benefits extension, tax credits, health care subsidies, aid to states, ending this awful pandemic and more.
It especially targets child poverty (disgraceful in supposedly the richest country on earth) cutting it by 50%. We know that healthy, happy, well cared-for children grow up to be productive and less likely to end up in prison.
Also, before 1981 the labor force was over 30% unionized, but today is less than 10%. Going forward the winners will be the average John/Jane Doe, NOT the large corporations nor billionaires.
As such, not surprisingly, the American Rescue Plan is favored by over 70% of the population (about 90% of Democrats, 65% Independents and nearly 50% of Republicans). Yet none of our Republican congresspersons in D.C. voted in favor of it, i.e., zero/zip/nada Republican representatives and senators cared for their constituents.
Come next year, during the midterm elections, we must not forget these facts. Here in Nevada our own Rep. Mark Amodei toed the line and voted no. Let's see to it that he is rejected and make Nevada 100% blue.
Vince Agamenone
Carson City

The difference of 50-plus years 
In this day and age, it is OK to kill unborn, or even, already born babies!
Many do not even accept the fact that they are human beings even though they are not fully developed.
When one plants a garden they expect the seeds they planted to eventually, show up like … carrots, potatoes, onions, lettuce, radishes, etc., which is exactly what comes to fruition.
When a woman becomes pregnant, what can one expect to show up if not a human being? Has anyone ever known of a pregnancy in a woman that resulted in a non-human being?
In this day and age, the unborn are considered inconvenient, or too costly, or less important than one’s own job or plans for their lives or even the result of a rape.
When I grew up, beginning 86 years ago, when anyone heard that a family member, neighbor or friend was going to have a baby, we, literally, jumped with joy at the news and could hardly wait to see the newborn that was sent by God.
When I recall this happening, even now, I’m filled with joy because I know this was a gift from God, who creates all life!
If God does not begin life, there is no life.
Mary Santomauro

Responding to a letter by Lynn Muzzy
Lynn gulps of the Trumpian lakes of confusion and delusion.
He says Trump has:
• (given) “America real borders,” — like at the Champlain Port of Entry?
• “Brought peace to the Middle East,” — no “real” peace exists but bribery does
• “Ended unfair trade deals,”— U.S./China trade deficit is at a 14-year high.
• “Rebuilt our military,” — ask Kelly, Mattis and McMaster what they think
• “Put real sanctions on Russia and Iran,” — he sanctions, they blow up the world.
• “Progress denuclearizing North Korea,” — untrue, useless, embarrassing behavior.
All that Muzzy cites is a bilged. There’s no honesty there, only illogic.
Muzzy omits reality and logic, such as, the budget deficit, trade deficits, global disrespect, sickness, distortion of facts, civil unrest and civil disobedience, dismissal of American institutions, like the military, the judiciary, the longest government shutdown in history, a twice impeached president, tariffs, tax cuts for the rich, for the real estate developers, denigration of American democracy and the election process, apathy for the climate and living species of this earth, etc.
Robert Simpson
Carson City


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