February gaming win down 25.9 percent because of loss on the Strip

February gaming win was down 25.9 percent compared to the same month a year ago, almost entirely because of the loss on the Las Vegas Strip.
Gaming Control Board analyst Mike Lawton said the 41.5 percent decrease on the Strip accounted for almost 92 percent of the difference.
A big factor was the 56 percent decrease in Baccarat win. Casinos primarily on the Strip won just $51 million from that game.
Lawton said a key issue in Baccarat win was the lack of international travel during Chinese New Year.
Game and Table win of $241.6 million was down 38.7 percent overall.
Elsewhere, casinos had some problems with February. First, Lawton said the calendar had one less weekend day. In addition, last February was a leap year.
Those issues helped cause an 8.6 percent decline in Washoe County win with Reno the primary problem — down 13.7 percent. Sparks and the balance of county were both up in Washoe. Total win there was $70.5 million.
North Shore casinos at Crystal Bay were down, but only by 1 percent to just over $2 million.
But South Shore casinos at Stateline had a strong month, winning $20.47 million. That is a 15.8 percent increase from a year ago. Slot win was up nearly 30 percent at South Shore.
Likewise, Carson Valley, which includes valley portions of Douglas County as well as the capital, did well, winning $9.35 million, a 6.1 percent increase from February 2020. The driver was an 8.1 percent increase in slot win.
Lawton said next month’s numbers will be the first month that looks at the pandemic’s impact on Nevada gaming activity when casinos were initially shut down to slow the spread of the virus.
The shutdown half way through March 2020 caused a near 40 percent reduction in total win. Lawton said looking at the average win since June’s reopening of casino floors, he expects March 2021 to be up significantly over March 2020.
Area                            Win                 Percentage Change
Statewide                   $772.4 million           -25.9%
Carson Valley             $9.35 million              6.09%
South Shore               $20.477 million         15.8%
North Shore               $2.07 million              -1.03%
Washoe County         $$70.47 million         -8.57%
Reno                           $49.86 million           -13.7%
Clark County              $631.5 million           -29.6%
The Strip                    $348.45 million         -41.55%


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