Don't jaywalk with outstanding warrants, Carson City Sheriff says

The following people were booked into the Carson City Jail. All are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court.
• At 11:06 a.m., a 36-year-old was arrested after he and another person were found sleeping in a vehicle on Deer Run Road. Dispatch reported the license plate on the vehicle was stolen. He was also charged with violating pre-trial supervision conditions. Bail was set at $5,500.
• At 12:13 p.m., a 20-year-old was arrested on an outstanding warrant after a deputy recognized him from previous contact. Bail was set at $500.
• At 2:26 p.m., a 58-year-old woman was arrested at an apartment on College Parkway on a warrant charging battery. Bail was set at $500.
• At 8:40 p.m., David Bennett, 35, and Katrina Rakow, 30, were arrested on charges including vehicle burglary after surveillance video from the Max Casino, Comstock and properties in Lyon County identified them. He was charged with two counts of burglary, possession of meth and using a credit card taken from one vehicle to withdraw $500 from a casino. He was also charged with obtaining money under false pretenses and possession of burglary tools. She was also charged with conspiracy to commit burglary. His bail was set at $80,000. Her bail was set at $27,500.
• At 6:46 p.m., a 50-year-old woman was arrested after deputies were dispatched to a residence on Fall Street for a report of homeless people squatting in the home. She was identified as an ex-felon failing to register. Bail was set at $150.
• At 12:33 a.m., a 21-year-old Reno man was charged with DUI 2nd offense after a traffic stop on North Carson Street for driving without lights. He was also charged with the headlight and taillight violations and failure to obey traffic signals. Bail was set at $2,605.
• At 2:14 a.m., a 39-year-old woman was charged with DUI 1st alcohol after a witness at Casino Fandango reported an intoxicated man and woman getting into a vehicle. She was also charged with driving on a suspended license. Bail was set at $1,500.
• At 2:35 a.m., a 21-year-old was arrested after the Casino Fandango reported a man and woman arguing with staff. He was on suspended sentence conditions with a curfew of 9:30 p.m.
• At 2:51 a.m., a 43-year-old was held for civil protective custody after deputies were called to Carson Tahoe Hospital. He was ordered held until sober.
• At 10:23 a.m., Richard Mendoza, 52, was arrested after a deputy saw him walking down the middle of Nye Lane. The arrest report says he agreed to let deputies see what was in his pockets and a small amount of meth was found. Bail was set at $2,500.
• At 8:11 a.m., two men were arrested on outstanding warrants after a deputy stopped them for jaywalking in front of his patrol vehicle, forcing him to hit the brakes. A search of one of the two found a small amount of meth and paraphernalia. Christopher Ferriera, 34, was also held on a stolen property warrant issued in California. The second man, a 59-year-old, was held on an FTA warrant issued for a traffic violation. Ferriera’s bail was set at $23,525. The other man’s bail was set at $320.
• At 5:18 p.m., a 37-year-old laborer was charged with domestic battery 1st offense for allegedly hitting and scratching her boyfriend during an argument when he attempted to take her car keys to prevent her from driving. She was also booked on an outstanding warrant. Bail was set at $3,410.
• At 1:06 a.m., Brittany Haugen, 34, was charged with theft and receiving and transporting a stolen vehicle after her roommate reported the vehicle missing and showed deputies texts demanding she return the vehicle which she did not do. She was arrested after a deputy spotted the vehicle parked in front of the Maverik on Highway 50. Bail was set at $20,000.


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