Carson City Sheriff offers tips to avoid vehicle burglary

One of the worst ways to end a day at the beach or a beautiful hike is to come back to your vehicle and discover it has been broken into.
Avoid leaving valuables inside your parked and unattended vehicle. Thieves will choose your vehicle first if your valuables are in plain view. The best way to protect yourself from a vehicle burglary is to not give the thief a reason to get into your vehicle.
Lock your vehicle and do not leave any valuables out in plain view and avoid putting decals on your vehicle that advertise the expensive audio system you have installed. Purses left on the seat, loose change in the cupholder, laptops and retail packages left in plain view are all a thief needs to prioritize your vehicle and make you the next victim of a theft.
Consider activating the “find my phone” feature or downloading software or a tracking app so that if a thief steals your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can quickly log on and provide the device location to the investigating agency.


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