Nevada voter registration increases 16,000 in October

Voter registration increased more than 16,000 in October, pushing total registration to just over 2 million.
Active voter registration, which deducts the inactive voters who haven’t voted recently or who didn’t respond to a registration confirmation card sent by their registrar, was at 1.82 million.
Democrats still hold a huge edge in total registration — 718,705 to 620,633.
But the group that controls who actually wins Nevada election contests is those voters listing themselves as nonpartisans who have grown significantly over the past decade. They now number 572,154.
Carson City reported a total of 40,529 registered voters as of October and Douglas County reported 43,403.
The GOP holds the edge in Carson City with 11,170 Democrats to 15,877 Republicans.
But the spread is much wider in rural counties. In Douglas, there were 9,092 Democrats registered to 22,066 Republicans. Churchill County has 2,691 Democrats to 9,300 Republicans.
Clark County, where more than 70 percent of Nevadans live, is sharply tilted the other way with 556,965 Democrats and 387,209 Republicans.
The most evenly divided of Nevada’s population areas is Washoe County with 112,041 Democrats and 112,239 Republicans.


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