Reno to Carson City motorcade will protest wild horse roundups

The Marr Plan, an organization protesting wild horse roundups in Nevada, will host a motorcade from Reno to Carson City on Saturday, Oct. 16 starting at 9 a.m.
Participants are invited to meet at the Fleishman Planetarium on 1664 N. Virginia St. to decorate their vehicles and make the drive to downtown Carson City.
In a press release, event organizers said that the 31-mile drive represents the length of a single file line of 20,000 horses, the number of wild horses that the Bureau of Land Management has the capacity to round up annually.
Once in Carson City, the Marr Plan will present a plaque to Gov. Steve Sisolak (or the Nevada State Museum, if Sisolak is not available). The plaque outlines their hopes to stop wild horse roundups entirely, instead reducing cattle grazing in Nevada.
Marr Plan leaders Anthony Marr and Jackie Oliveri will host the protest and speak before the motorcade departs from Reno.
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