2021 Nevada Day Treasure Hunt Clue No. 6

The Nevada Day Treasure Hunt kicks off Tuesday.

The Nevada Day Treasure Hunt kicks off Tuesday.

Today’s Clue No. 6
Named for a Greek God
And earning notoriety
Guilty of baldness
Don’t get anxiety

Saturday’s Clue No. 5
Rogers and Christopherson
Were pioneers in their own right
Plunging into all twenty-two
To earn the limelight

Friday's Clue No. 4
The people from here
They managed to stay
Even though their home
Was taken away

Thursday's Clue No. 3
The medallion returns once more
To what is becoming a favored home
Not looking to explore new places
Or go too far to roam

Wednesday's Clue No. 2
We are rooting for you
To find the treasure
Use your wings
At your leisure

Tuesday's Clue No. 1
Making an appearance in 2016
Joining seven from before
This year it won't be
The place for the score
Once the treasure hunt medallion is found, please bring it to the Nevada Appeal office at 580 Mallory Way.


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