Tom Riggins: Our new monarchy

It is becoming increasingly evident that our country is moving toward a monarchy. The current administration has shown its willingness to bypass Congress and thumb their nose at court rulings they don’t like in order to further their Marxist agenda. Like the fable of the emperor with no clothes, the left and its toady media conveniently ignore this trend.

The Constitution is being dismantled through activist courts and executive orders. Separation of powers as provided in the Constitution has become a sham. Likewise, states’ rights as provided in the Tenth Amendment are routinely ignored or bypassed by stretching the Supremacy Clause far past its original intent.

The federal government has gotten adept at coercion to the point of extortion. This most often occurs through threats of withholding money. The federal budget has become so pervasive and invasive that states are often not able to operate without federal funding. I think this has been by design. The other main strong arm tactic is to threaten lawsuits. With Biden’s Justice Department this has become the order of the day.

For example, why does the Biden Justice Department often sue states when they invoke the Tenth Amendment? They wasted no time suing Texas over its new abortion law, saying it is unconstitutional. If it is, why did the Supreme Court decline to hear a prior lawsuit? Why did the Justice Department investigate Arizona when the Arizona Legislature decided to do an audit and investigation into the 2020 election? I suspect it was purely an intimidation attempt.

Also, why did the Justice Department sue Georgia over its new voter law? Again, intimidation. If they actually read the law before filing suits they would see that Georgia’s law is a perfectly reasonable set of requirements. In fact, the law is less onerous than existing laws in leftist states like New York and Illinois. So where is the voter disenfranchisement lawsuit in New York?

There is no doubt the Justice Department has become an activist secret police force for the leftist establishment. The recent revelations about the FBI totally ignoring complaints of a doctor for women’s Olympic teams sexually abusing those women for years is one indication. Another is their active undermining and illegal investigations of Trump and his administration, most likely at the direction of Comey.

But the most egregious trampling of individual rights is underway as we speak. Biden (I now have trouble even calling him president after the last few months, as respect should be earned) announced his nationwide vaccination mandate. He said the vaccination mandate is “Not about freedom or choice.” What? I thought the Constitution provided every American with freedom and choice. Plus, this is a complete turnaround from previous statements. In December 2020 Biden said vaccination shouldn’t be mandatory. In July 2021 his press secretary said the same thing. Could there be a hidden agenda at work? Most officials think the pandemic has peaked and is now in a downturn. Could this action be to take attention away from his debacle in Afghanistan? Historically, when a president is in trouble domestically, they magically find a military action overseas to deflect attention. Could this be a reverse of that? Also, for years the government has decided that drugs are bad for you and have imprisoned millions for using them. Has that now reversed?

The CDC throughout this pandemic has proved that it can outdo the Justice Department when it comes to trampling rights. It has through Fauci made statements and mandates that run counter to its own data so many times that it has lost credibility. In a huge overstep of authority, it imposed an eviction moratorium that the Supreme Court said wasn’t constitutional. When it expired, they essentially thumbed their noses at the Supreme Court and extended the mandate until the court shut it down. A study done in Israel shows those with natural immunity have longer term protection than those with vaccine immunity. Fauci can’t give good answer on why Americans with natural immunity need vaccines but continues to demand everyone be vaccinated. Except illegal immigrants, that is.

One of the great fears of our founders was a strong central government. That is why they established the separation of powers found in the Constitution. They understood the results of constant attacks on personal freedom. We have allowed the federal government to exceed its power and authority. It is time to take it back.


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