Ancient yeast and beer on tap at the next Rotary Club of Carson City meeting

 Can you imagine drinking a beer made with yeast dating back millions of years ago? It really isn’t far-fetched. You can learn about the ancient yeast and other fascinating discoveries at the next Rotary Club of Carson City meeting. Chip Lambert, a microbiologist, will give a presentation on how the substance called “amber” has preserved ancient organism that can be used in today’s world.  Amber is the resin formed in tree bark. Lambert and fellow scientist Raul Cano formed their company Fossil Fuels Brewing Company to produce beer using that yeast.

“Amber is a perfect preservative. The yeast we found dated back millions of years. Amber has been found to perfectly preserve insects and micro-organisms,” Lambert said. “We decided to brew beer with what we believe is the perfect yeast. We are no longer brewing, but hope that other craft brewers might like to experiment with the yeast and use it in their production.”

The meeting and presentation take place Tuesday, April 19th at noon in the Brewery Arts Center’s Grand Ballroom. Anyone interested in attending should email To learn more about the Rotary Club of Carson City visit


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