Kelly Bullis: New year thoughts

Kelly Bullis

Kelly Bullis

So, were you like us and at 9 p.m., last night, watched New Year arrive on the East Coast, then went to bed? Or maybe you stayed up until midnight here in the West Coast and slept in this morning?
In either case, reality is… 2021 is now history. A new year with a “clean slate” stands before us. What will we be saying about it in 364 days?
While I’m at it, you do realize that you only have 357 days until Christmas! Better start shopping soon, or it will be too late!
There is the old tried and true New Year’s Day activity. Football! Grab some pizza, popcorn and other snacks, settle in for some serious pigskin action. One of my favorites is always the Rose Bowl.
If you like to watch the Rose Parade, instead of the usual alphabet TV channel that focuses on the celebrity talking heads, you can find several sources on YouTube that just show the actual parade floats. (We love those floats. They are amazing!)
Of course, you could start planning your vacation for 2022 today. I suggest you consider visiting the Great Basin National Park. A very beautiful place, right here in Nevada! We love going there. Make sure to get reservations to see the Lehman Caves. In my humble opinion, they are a bucket list-level of things to do in your life. If you haven’t seen the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas, consider going to visit (but do it in the spring, not summer). Lamoille Canyon up by Elko is another great Nevada beauty!
As a native Nevadan, I just love this state. There is so much that is kind of hidden. Seek it out. You will be surprised at how much there is to see.
Is this morning too early to start preparing for filing your tax return for 2021? I have a tradition that every New Year’s Day, I spend a few hours digging through my files and setting up folders for the new year, setting aside any paperwork I will need to prepare my current tax return. If it’s snowing, I like to take breaks and go out to play with my snow blower.
I doubt you think you need to spend any time on taxes today. So go out and do something fun. Start the year off making a great memory. You still have plenty of time before April 14. Just don’t wait until the evening of April 14 to start working on getting everything together for your taxes.
Did you hear? Ecc 1:10a says, “Is there a thing of which it is said, ‘See this is new’?
Kelly Bullis is a Certified Public Accountant in Carson City. Contact him at 882-4459. On the web at Also on Facebook.


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