State offering lead test kits to childcare providers

State and county agencies are offering all licensed childcare providers free testing kits to screen for lead in drinking water systems.
The program is funded by a $418,000 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in partnership with the state Environmental Protection division, the division of Public and Behavioral Health and Washoe County’s health district.
A spokesman said first priority is to providers in historically underserved and disadvantaged communities. All providers will receive enrollment information from the contractor, TruPani.
Test results and follow-up support will be available to be shared with parents and caregivers.
NDEP Deputy Administrator Jennifer Carr said over the past four years, NDEP has provided lead testing at nearly 500 K-12 schools in the state. She said young children are particularly vulnerable to health problems caused by exposure to lead contamination.
Most at-risk from exposure are those in buildings built before 1989.


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