Bighorns Bulletin: Sand Hill Dairy helps celebrate National Milk Day

The Oasis cheer team is looking to raise funds to purchase uniforms for the upcoming season.

The Oasis cheer team is looking to raise funds to purchase uniforms for the upcoming season.

Jan. 11 was National Milk Day and locally-owned Sand Hill Dairy donated over 550 pints of milk to help the school recognize the day. As part of the celebration Sand Hill owner Isidro Alves led students in the Pledge of Allegiance that morning.
“We cannot thank Sandhill Dairy enough for their generosity. The kids were so excited to get a little nutritious treat today and we are proud of our local farmers and producers,” said Principal Rochelle Tisdale.
“I think it is great that a school would make it a priority to recognize a day like today to students. By celebrating milk you are also recognizing Dairy Farmers who are a big part of our community.” added Alves. “Speaking on behalf of them, the recognition is very much appreciated.”
The ice-cold milk provided a refreshing treat with students having the option of white, chocolate or strawberry milk. Every Kindergarten through eighth grade student at Oasis Academy received a pint.
Welders earn certificates
Congratulations to Oasis Academy students who received welding certifications through the American Welding Society on Dec. 18 at the Western Nevada College’s Carson City campus.
Taylor Alvarez and Brayden Blea received certification in flat arc welding, while Parker Jones, and Joshua Youles received vertical arc welding certifications.
“These classes help lay a successful foundation in welding and fabrication. The students gain hands-on experience in multiple welding procedures including arc, mig, and tig welding. By gaining certifications prior to even graduating from high school these students have a leg up on the competition for employment,” says Instructor Jorgen Jeppesen.
Students are able to test for certification at the conclusion of their second semester in Welding and by enrolling in WELD 250. Welding is taught as a dual enrollment course through Oasis Academy College Prep and Western Nevada College. The courses are led by instructor Henry Wohle, Donald Keele, and Jorgen Jeppesen.
To learn more about the Oasis Academy College Prep and Western Nevada College welding program call 775-423-5437.

Oasis photo
Oasis student Joshua Youles received a vertical arc welding certification.


Cheerleaders bring the Bighorn Spirit
Cheerleading is back on campus this winter. Heather Wiessmer is coaching the team of seven which is led by captain Sierra Williams.
The team practices everyday Monday-Thursday and cheers at both the boys and girls basketball home games. The goal is to grow the sport enough to cheer year-round at all home sporting activities.
“It’s exciting to have a dedicated group of students to keep the games spirited and support each other. Every single one of these athletes brings something unique to the team. We’re proud to have this amazing group help foster Oasis school spirit.”
The team is looking to raise funds to purchase uniforms for the upcoming season. To learn more about Oasis cheerleading or help contact

Oasis photo
Dairyman Isidro Alves, left, celebrates National Milk Day with Oasis CEO Melissa Mackedon, center, and Oasis Chief Academic Officer Rochelle Tisdale.



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