Dayton High girls basketball

Nichols takes over reigns of Dayton girls’ hoops

Steven Nichols

Steven Nichols

 Steven Nichols says he wants to build a program with the Dust Devils.
After coaching at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School last year, Nichols’ said it restarted his love affair with coaching.
“A lot of it was basketball, but a lot of it was the connection and what I could bring to the table for the kids,” said Nichols, who was hired as the Dayton girls coach about a month ago.
Nichols’ first coaching experience goes back to being a kid, but in his 20’s, he coached basketball at Camden High School in San Jose, California.
Once he moved to Northern Nevada in the early 1990’s, Nichols turned his sights away from coaching and spent time raising a family and working for a laptop computer company.
He first found his way back onto the sidelines coaching his own kids, before transition to be an official for the last four years.
“I’m a real chatty ref. I talked to them and encourage them all the time. I knew who was coming up (at Dayton) and so when I knew the job was available I applied for it,” said Nichols. “I’m going to adjust my system to the players that I have.”
Living in Carson, Nichols admits he doesn’t know the Dayton community well, but wants to continue building his relationships in the area.  
“I just love the area out there and how the people in the community support the team,” said Nichols.
When he’s not around a basketball, Nichols also works as a wedding DJ around the Northern Nevada area.
Nichols has had a son graduate from Carson High and has another son who will be a junior with the Senators this fall.
Even with ties to Carson High, Nichols plans to be around the Dust Devil program for some time.
“I want to start a program. That starts from elementary school all the way up. I know how important that is. Dayton has had a revolving door with coaches in the girls program for a long time,” said Nichols. “I knew when I came in it was going to be a whole program rebuild. I believe I have enough talent this year to do well.”
Nichols has coached the girls through a summer tournament so far and plans to move to Dayton with his wife.
“Hopefully we can build a program for years to come that we can maintain,” Nichols said.


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