Carson City's Goni Canyon trail good for warming up the legs

Goni Canyon Preservation Trail is an ideal trail for beginners or those who cannot walk too far. It’s a one-mile loop, although it is broken into smaller circles so you can make your walk shorter.
This spot is a brushy area in the middle of a neighborhood on the north end of Carson City. It is not out in the wilderness. The trail is split into three sections, so imagine a figure 8, with one more circle on top. The first circle is a half-mile long, then the next two are each a quarter mile. If you walk all of them, it’s a mile. If you wish to walk it over again, it makes it easy to measure your distance.
The path is decomposed granite and very easy to walk on. There is only a slight elevation gain of 39 feet, so it feels mostly flat. There are several benches along the way too, making this a perfect trail for someone who might not be able to walk long distances and needs to take a break.

This location has some nice views because its slightly elevated over Carson City. You can see most of the city from here. The Sierra Nevada are toward the west, and you can see them stretch toward the south.There’s enough brush to keep a natural habitat for critters to live. You’ll hear the chirps of birds going about their business. It’s a quiet neighborhood, but there is a small amount of noise pollution from a gun range nearby and vehicles on the roads.
Get directions for Goni Road in Carson City and follow that until it meets Kelvin Road. There’s a parking spot at the south end on Kelvin Road, and there is a parking space at the north part of the trail on Goni Road.
A sign at the entrance gives credit to who helped create the trail. It says:
This trail was built in 2007 and was funded by a grant from the Nevada Recreational Trails Program and through the generous donation of time, materials and equipment of:
  • Cinderlite Trucking Company
  • Goni Canyon Preservation League members and friends.
This 19-acre parcel containing the trail was donated by William and Louise Goni to conserve open space.
The Goni Canyon Preservation League is a non-profit Association formed solely for the purposes of owning, managing, maintaining and protecting the unique character of the League’s real property.
Always remember to respect nature and other hikers. Leave no trace and take everything you brought in back with you.
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