Letters to the Editor for May 14, 2022

The Greenhouse Project and ‘Growing It Forward’
Did you know that The Greenhouse Project nonprofit in its 13 years has donated more than 22,500 pounds of produce for the food insecure through local agencies including Ron Wood, FISH, Meals on Wheels, Salvation Army and Eagle Valley Children’s Home?
Did you know TGP has two sites – Green Central behind Carson High and Foothill Garden on the Carson Tahoe Health campus?
Did you know that by gathering sponsors for 13 years this nonprofit grows the flower baskets for our capital’s downtown?
Did you know that TGP provides financial support for Carson High School agriculture students and Future Farmers of America?
Did you know TGP has grown a nonexistent ag program to more than 200 students with two full-time teachers employed by the school district?
Did you know TGP has built the first school green waste composting site at Carson High and native plant nursery expanding curriculum opportunities?
To this point, this grassroots organization has been entirely financed by fundraising and grants. Passive income is needed for the future of our vital programs. Broader community support is necessary.
With the help of our match donor and donations in any amount we can reach our $1 million goal ensuring The Greenhouse Project continues its mission of “Growing, Giving & Teaching for a Healthier, Greener, Sustainable Community.”
Together we can “Grow It Forward!” Go to www.carsoncitygreenhouse.org for information about donating to this sustainability endowment campaign.
Karen Abowd
TGP President & Co-Founder

This was the left’s doing
Let's get this out of the way immediately, the draft decision from SCOTUS does not ban abortions. It sends the decision for abortions back to the state level where it should have always been and allows voters to decide whether to legalize abortions in their state.
There is nothing in our U.S. Constitution that makes abortion a right. Secondly, a Supreme Court decision, regardless of who agrees or disagrees, does not, and never will, justify the use of violence by those opposed to the decision.
The leak from SCOTUS of this draft was obviously intentional and meant to create mayhem because the Democrats have failed to accomplish one thing except to destroy this country's economy, open our borders, completely undermine our supply chain, create racial divide, and do their best to cancel free speech.
This is an attempt to detract from those failures and create anger, confusion and further division in this country. It's not going to work.
We the people have been awoken to the agenda for the implementation of the Great Reset and we're not going for it.
The next election, if allowed to be conducted with integrity and honesty, will tell the story. Enough of the violence and the lies. Educate yourselves to the truth and stop falling for the false narratives that will only result in injuries and suffering of innocent citizens and police.
Lynn Rader

Vote new people in across the board
Are you happy with government – federal, state and local?
Are you satisfied with the way they are improving your life? Are you content with the manner in which they manage inflation? Keep prices and taxes low? Work toward peace and justice in the world? Manage resources? Handle your money? Provide for the peaceful enjoyment of your life? Protect your rights? Seek equal opportunity (not equity) for all? Provide learning and education for all our children? Protect you and your family from harm? Respect you as a person? Respond to your concerns?
If not, there is only one thing to do. Do not vote for any incumbent. Those already in office are not doing their job if they are not working toward a better world for you and your family. This goes for local offices, such as supervisor and school board, state legislative and gubernatorial offices, and federal offices, such as Congress. Let them find new jobs out of government. Vote in new people and give them a chance to work for you, not the special interests. Most politicians spend the first three to six months in office trying to deliver on their campaign promises. The rest of their time is spent raising money and working toward re-election. This is not what voters want.
So, if you agree that your welfare is not on the minds of those already in office, vote in new people when you go to the polls.
Wendy George
Carson City

A sight to see
April showers really paid off on the back of Prison Hill on May 7.
At the bottom of the Dead Truck Trail, bitter brush and desert peach were blooming along with a half dozen different tiny flowers at ground level.
A little farther up, some daisy-like flowers and some yellow mustards were blooming and then farther along the peonies came out along with purple nama, phlox, Indian paintbrush, arrowleaf balsamroot and lupine.
Go soon to see them at the height of spring bloom. Notice every flower has some insect pollinator and then lizards are looking for the insects and birds are looking for the lizards.
Peter J. Smith
Carson City


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