Texan busted in Carson City on multiple drug counts

A 60-year-old Texan was arrested in Carson City on Wednesday on multiple counts of drug violations as well as two counts as an ex-felon in possession of a firearm.
Robert Rodriguez was arrested after a traffic stop on South Roop Street when a deputy spotted him using his cellphone while driving. He drew the deputy’s attention by turning left in front of the police motorcycle, forcing the officer to hit his brakes to avoid a collision.
A drug dog called to the scene alerted to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle. A search found numerous items, including meth and cocaine as well as numerous prescription pills and paraphernalia including a meth pipe and a bottle of “Stop Leak” with a false bottom that concealed bags including the cocaine.
Deputies reported finding multiple types of prescription pills in the vehicle as well.
In the back seat of the vehicle was a firearm box containing two semi-automatic handguns.
Rodriguez was charged with five felony counts including possession with intent to sell and two counts as an ex-felon in possession of firearms, six gross misdemeanor counts of possession drugs without a prescription, two counts of possessing paraphernalia, using a cellphone while driving, failure to yield right of way and an obstructed windshield.
His bail was set at a total of  $72,090.


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