Primary Election 2022: Nevada State Senate District 16 - Republicans

Candidate Monica “Jaye” Stabbert didn’t respond to multiple emails requesting participation.

Tim Duvall
Tim is a Reno/Sparks Small Business Owner whose company, Neo Medical, specializes in developing and manufacturing critical-care products for children and premature infants born as tiny as 1 pound. His healthcare career began 27 years ago and he is now globally recognized as an industry expert in life-saving infusion devices. His previous employment included Management positions in Biotech, the Computer Industry, and as a Financial Business Manager for AT&T. Tim has also owned and operated three additional small businesses in Timber Stand Improvement, Fire Protection Equipment, and Applied Biotechnology.
Age 69

Tim Duvall

 Record of ServiceTim is truly patriotic and was involved in politics at the young age of 15 by working on a state senate candidate campaign. He was also a Northern California College Coordinator for the 1972 Presidential Campaign directed by Ronald Reagan. In addition, Tim was appointed as a Young Delegate for the National Republican Convention. Since then, he has fervently supported patriotic candidates

Tim graduated with a BS Degree from the University of California’s Berkley School of Natural Resources in 1976. He completed his Master’s in Business Administration degree in 1982 from Pepperdine University.

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
Home means Nevada! A State Senator’s job is to represent the people at a higher level and ensure that their future is secure. Let’s seriously look at the foundational concerns of our Battle Born State.

A brief statement about your platform:
Nevada’s education and health systems aren’t well regarded. Why do we spend 4.5 billion dollars a year to graduate high school students with a failing grades in every major subject? This is unacceptable and the Senate needs to change it; it’s time to make a difference! We must set the standards for a strict K-4 education that concentrates on Reading, Writing, and Math and requires all schools to achieve a 75% proficiency level in all schools without exception.
Our health systems have fundamental problems due in part to our restrictive licensing laws which discourage excellent doctors and nurses from transitioning their practice to Nevada. The Senate must change this.
Nevada is the fifth fastest-growing state in the nation but our water and energy resources are not prepared for uncontrolled growth. We rely on the Federal Government for 70% of our water, which is now being rationed. We also rely on energy from seven out-of-state resources that can’t produce enough energy for their own needs. The Senate needs to control growth and provide vital infrastructure improvements before there are catastrophic problems. Imagine our farmers and ranchers not having enough water and our communities having frequent, rolling blackouts. We cannot become California!

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
Nevada depends on small businesses for 42% of its employment. These were hit hard by two years of the Government’s mindless pandemic decisions that shut them down and restricted them from sensibly reopening. Now they are being hit with punishing inflation. The Senate needs to lead the way in assisting them by eliminating the Commerce Tax for all Small Businesses or by raising its threshold to $25 million. The Senate can also provide immediate assistance by granting abatement of the Modified Business Tax on employee wages.
Nevada’s families are punished with relentless inflation and will soon be facing a recession. In many ways, we are staring at stagflation in the near future, and we must stop all efforts to raise taxes that will punish families even more. I was the first District 16 candidate to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and I will continue to address this huge concern.
We need integrity and strong, creative leadership. I have been a strong business leader and have hired many Nevada families. I was the Northern Nevada Technologist of the Year and received the Keeping America Strong Award. I worked hard to pay my own way through Berkeley and then to get an MBA at Pepperdine University. I have given back to my community by doing things such as placing a Financial Literacy program in 37 Nevada high schools. Now I pledge that every dollar I am paid in this position will be donated to educate our Nevada youth!
Do you want a better Nevada? If you say, “Yes,” and if you feel as I do, with your support and working together we will do what needs to be done! We can do it! I pledge to you that we will do it! We can “Make Nevada Strong!”

Lisa Krasner
Occupation: Incumbent NV State Assemblywoman, District 26
Adjunct Professor, Truckee Meadows Community College- Teach courses on the United States Constitution & NV Constitution.
Contact: E-mail:,

Lisa Krasner

 Record of service:
Incumbent Assemblywoman for Nevada State Assembly District 26, since 2016.
I've served three Regular Sessions and three Special Sessions in the NV Legislature.
Commissioner- State of Nevada Commission on Aging and Disability.-Three years.
Commissioner- City of Reno, Recreation and Parks Commission.- Seven years.

Education: University of LaVerne College of Law- Doctor of Juris prudence (J.D.); University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Bachelor's Degree.

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
The duties of the State Senator are to respect and uphold the United States Constitution & NV Constitution. Represent the People that live in State Senate District 16 (South Reno, Carson City, Incline Village, Virginia City) Read over one thousand Bills and amendments, and vote on Legislation.Help people and improve people's lives. Make nevada an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

A brief statement about your platform:
I am a Constitutional Conservative Republican. It has been an honor to serve as your Nevada State Assemblywoman since 2016.
I am now running for the Nevada State Senate District 16 seat. As your Assemblywoman I have worked tirelessly to support our Conservative Republican values, including upholding the US Constitution, keeping taxes low, supporting the 2nd Amendment, advocating for "school choice", fighting for Election Integrity, and supporting small businesses and job creators. I oppose vaccine mandates, and was one of six Republicans that serve on the Legislative Commission that stood up to the Governor and blocked his Vaccine mandates. I am confident that the experience that I have gained as your State Assemblywoman will allow me to be a valuable member of the NV State Senate. I will continue to fight for you, and hard-working families, but I need your help. Please vote for me, Lisa Krasner, in the June 14 Primary Election. Vote early if you can. Early voting is May 28- June 10.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
My extensive experience makes me the most qualified person to represent the people in State Senate District 16.
I have a Doctorate Degree in Juris Prudence (Law),from the University of La Verne College of Law.
A Bachelor's Degree from the University of California Los Angeles. (UCLA)
I am the incumbent Assemblywoman for NV State Assembly District 26, since 2016.
I have served three Regular Sessions and three Special Sessions in the Nevada Legislature.
Prior to this I was a Commissioner for the State of Nevada Commission on Aging and Disability (for our senior citizens).
I was also a Commissioner for the City of Reno, Recreation and Parks Commission. Advocating for a family friendly environment in our community.
I was the President of the Reno Philharmonic Guild.
Board member- Board of Directors of the State of Nevada PTA .
Board member- Board of Directors of the Junior League of Reno.
Board member- Alliance with Washoe County Medical Society
Board member- Women In Government
I have been endorsed by every Law Enforcement Agency in the State of Nevada.
I received an "A" Rating from the Nevada Firearms Coalition 2022.
I love Nevada and I care about the people who live here. I have taught college courses on the US Constitution & NV Constitution for more than a decade. I understand what our Founding Fathers intended for us when they created the US Constitution. I promise to uphold these principles that made our country great. I have been fighting for you for six years in the Nevada Legislature. I promise to keep fighting for you. I respectfully ask for your vote

Don Tatro
Residential Mortgage Lender with Northepointe Bank.
Age: 40

Don Tatro

 Record of service:
Don was appointed to represent State Senate, District 16 in the fall of 2021 and sworn in on November 12, 2021. He also served in the Communications Office of both Senators John Ensign (R-NV) and Tom Coburn (R-OK).
Don has served as the former chair of Reno’s Housing Task Force and as a member of the Washoe County Manager’s Advisory Council. Don currently serves as the board president of a local charter high school.

Don graduated from Carson High School in 2000 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix.

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.
To ensure the most effective and efficient state government by supporting and passing legislation that will improve the lives, jobs and way of life for residents and working to stop legislation that will negatively impact small businesses, grow the size of the state government and infringe on Nevadans’ daily lives.

A brief statement about your platform.
As a former small business owner, executive, and board president of a local charter high school, I will use my experience to fight for:
A vibrant economy, good jobs for all Nevadans, and low taxes for all.
Ending the unchecked use of emergency powers by any Nevada governor so our schools and small businesses are never shutdown at the whim of an individual ever again.
An education system that includes school choice and vocational training options that best fit the needs of Nevada’s students.
Secure elections that utilize voter ID and end the processes of ballot harvesting and sending out universal mail-in ballots.
Law-abiding citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights.
Keeping our communities safe by supporting our police with the necessary resources to fight surging crime rates throughout the state.
Access to attainable housing by advocating for policies that increase the supply of homes to meet the growing demand.
An accountable government through the elimination of waste, fraud and duplication to safeguard taxpayer dollars.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?
I decided to run for election to the Nevada State Senate because the residents of Senate District 16 and the private sector need a voice in Carson City with real world business experience who understands job creation and Nevada’s economy. Career politicians and talk show hosts can talk about the economy all they want, but the truth is they’ve never actually created a job nor do they know how to effectively get government out of the way of small business.
I was born and raised in the district and learned the value of community service from my father, who served as a Justice of the Peace, and my uncle, who served as a Carson City Supervisor. Growing up here helped me develop a deep appreciation of Northern Nevada
I’ve launched my own successful small business, an appraisal management company, and served as the Executive Director of The Builders, a Reno-based organization of homebuilders. Through my work for The Builders I have fought for policies that helped create and protect thousands of construction jobs in Nevada.
In addition to my successful business background, I have stepped up to serve my community through volunteer service as: the former chair of Reno’s Housing Task Force; a member of the Washoe County Manager’s Advisory Council and as a member and current board president of a local charter high school.
I have already introduced a bill draft to limit any future governors’ emergency powers without approval from the legislature after 30 days. The State of Nevada should never again be subjected to the closing of schools and our economy at the whim of one person.
The residents of Senate District 16 deserve a representative who will lead on the issues impacting our daily lives and deliver on their commitments, not just talk about them.


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