Letters to the Editor for November 23, 2022

O’Neill goes above and beyond

In the dark early morning hours of Oct. 12, I received a dreaded call: my 98-year-old mother had passed away in Ohio. Only a few hours later that same day, I suffered a fall that left me with a broken foot and rib. After learning my diagnosis, I found zero available appointments at the DMV, and I needed a temporary handicapped parking tag for my trip back to Ohio for funeral services scheduled in just a few days.

After considering few options, I looked up the telephone number of P.K. O’Neill, my current Assemblyman in the Nevada Legislature. I did not know P.K., but I felt like there was a chance he might help me. To my surprise, Mr. O’Neill answered the telephone himself! I explained my situation, and without hesitation he graciously agreed to make some calls to the DMV on my behalf. To make a long story short, O’Neill arranged for me to receive an appointment time at the Carson City DMV and I obtained the handicapped tag the next day.

Thank you, P.K. O’Neill! Your willingness to provide immediate help saved me additional worry during a time already filled with emotion and stress.

Marcy Troescher

Carson City

Make your voices heard

After shopping in a large chain grocery store last week, I noticed once again the prices had gone up. I went straight to the source by telephoning the 800 number listed on each package.

One soup company informed me their ingredients in the soup had continued to go up and they had to pass that cost on to the consumer. Their latest price increase was 70 cents a can. Whoa, now it is almost $4 for one small can of soup! This year it is up almost $2 a can.

I talked with a cracker company and they also said the cost of wheat has been increasing steadily and that is why their box of crackers are $3.58, up from $2 a box at the start of the year.

I spoke with a fruit juice company and they shared they had not raised prices, but rather the grocery store had raised the price up a $1 for a small container of mixed berry drink.

I was offered coupons for all three above products of which I gladly accepted.

Shoppers we have to call and share our frustration and hope all these companies share in the high fuel, distribution, and product shortage challenges.

Speak up in a decent manner, boycott by not buying some items, call 800 numbers, and call grocery stores. Make your voice known.

Ann Burke

Carson City


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