Jim Valentine: Preparing for winter

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

Its fall and the weather might cool off soon… might. Regardless, there are things to do as you get ready for winter, especially if you are watching the market and thinking of selling in the next six months. One of the first things to do is to get the outside ready to go dormant.
If you have trees on your property, this is the time of year when you can see which branches need trimming. When things are dormant, the entire tree looks dead, not just the need-to-be-trimmed branches. Get rid of the dead branches now so your buyer doesn’t panic when things green up in the spring and the dead branches are noticeable again. You might want to wait for things to cool down a bit but be sure to know which ones will be coming off when the tree begins to slow down.
Leaves will be blowing about before we know it and it seems as if a well-manicured garden is a magnet for them. Be ready to blow or rake them out so your garden has a clean groomed look to buyers as they approach your home to look at it. It will subconsciously set the tone for the inside tour of the home. If they walk in to a picked up, uncluttered fresh smelling well-lit home it will confirm their first impression gained as they approached the front door.
Summer toys should be packed away before winter hits. If they look on a cold day and you have paddleboards or boogie boards strewn about the garage the incongruency of the conflicting seasons can cause a subconscious imbalance giving them a queasy feeling about the house that they won’t be able to explain. Don’t take the chance, stash the out of season stuff.
As we move into cold weather be sure to put a blanket and some food in the car just in case you get caught one way or another as you move through the mountains in the winter. Keep your tank topped off for a possible long stay in an avalanche control waiting line. It’s the little things that add up to a safe and comfortable living experience in the mountains. Be ready.
Move the snow shovel/blower to a handy place, and get the snow boots, gloves, and other gear ready. It is not likely that you will need them soon, but one never knows in the mountains. We’ve seen it snow every month of the year. Not always a lot, and these days not nearly enough, but you should get ready for the eventuality.
These are tips to share with people moving to the mountains for the first time. It is amazing how many people are trepidatious of living in the mountains. Often, they have purchased a four-wheel drive but don’t know how to drive it. We remind them that inertia is the same for four-wheel drive vehicles as it is for two-wheelers. Gravity and inertia is a combination that must be reckoned with and adapted to. Speaking of vehicles, get your vehicle winterized with the right type of oil and make sure you have the right mix of anti-freeze/water. Have the ice scraper ready for the first frozen windshield morning. Its 100 degrees out, but winter is coming.
If you think you might move during the winter, be sure to get your outside gear together so it is handy when you are packing to move. This includes yard tools, yard art that you are going to take with you, lumber and other debris that is stored around your property that you want to keep, etc. There will be a time between today’s 104 degrees and freezing that you will find it satisfying to prepare for your eventual move. If moving is what you ultimately want to accomplish, start the momentum and you will manifest it quicker.
Momentum will begin when you commit by your actions and thoughts. As you plan and act, you will find things moving you towards the accomplishment of your goal. Be clear in your goals and enjoy the result.
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