Feds OK Nevada EV charging stations plan


The federal government has approved Nevada’s plan to install a system of electric vehicle charging stations across the state.
That makes the Silver State one of the first in the nation to win approval to expend its share of some $900 million in formula funding over the coming year to build EV chargers along Nevada’s highways and roads. A spokesman said the goal is to make electric vehicle charging stations convenient.
U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the funding will release $13.7 million in federal infrastructure funds to build a charging network along 2,446 miles of designated EV corridor in Nevada.
“Making electric vehicle charging accessible to all Americans is critical to achieving a transportation sector that improves our environment and lessens our dependence on oil and gas,” said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.
With this approval, Nevada can now be reimbursed for the costs of installing EV charging stations and other projects directly related to the chargers.


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