Letters to the Editor for September 21, 2022

Be proactive
Two freedoms we have in this country are freedom of speech and education. Even with only a high school education, we are taught how to compose a letter. If automotive gas prices are too high, then write to the oil companies and complain. If grocery prices are too high, write to your family grocery company and complain instead of whining and not doing anything about it. Another misconception was that those in office created these price hikes.
The war in Ukraine has attributed to some wheat products prices increasing, and gas prices increasing earlier. We have agricultural shortages due to global warming, water, distribution, and pestilence issues. People talk of God, but how many have read the Bible?
Each one of us will face our own judgment someday, but it is disturbing that some want to judge today and meddle with another's health condition. Be your own advocate, educate and judge yourself.
The biggest threat now to our country, the military and our law enforcement is the possible breach of high security secrets to our adversaries thanks to you know who and too many automatic weapons and sick minds out there. Stop blaming those in office now for having to deal through the mess left behind from the past administration and the pandemic. All of us have to contribute to solving the problems of today. There is no one-sidedness about it. Expand your minds, by reading and researching.
Ann Burke
Carson City


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