CCSD news: Highlights from the opening of the 2023-24 school year

CCHS cheerleaders perform at the all-school assembly Friday.

CCHS cheerleaders perform at the all-school assembly Friday.
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Churchill County High School

CCHS had a fantastic kick-off to the new school year with an all-school assembly last Friday. Students learned and sang the school fight song, watched the cheerleaders perform and listened to the choir and band. The fall sports teams were also introduced.

“It was a good time and an incredible ending to the second week of school. It is always so great to see all of our students and staff together celebrating our school,” Vice Principal Rachel Knight said.

Churchill County Middle School

Students in Courtney Aguilera’s class completed an activity where they had to collaborate to build a tower with notecards, with the tallest tower winning. However, there was a catch to make it more challenging.

Students could only use a notecard to make the tower taller if they could find something they all had in common. They had to write these commonalities on the notecard before adding it to the tower.

“This activity is very important because it helps students develop effective communication and social skills, active listening and get to know one another,” Aguilera said.


Fourth-grade student Fiona McMoones had the opportunity to be the “weather kid” on Channel 2 News last week.

McMoones’ family saw a promotion looking for the next “weather kid,” so they went to the website and signed up for the opportunity about two months ago.

“It took a bit of time before she got her turn, but it was well worth it,” said McMoones’ mother Erin McMindes.

McMoones toured the KTVN building, and she watched the show from the control room and studio. McMoones and her mom said everyone there was so great, but Mike Alger was really great explaining everything, and he was so friendly.

“The weatherman (Mike) was really funny and I loved doing it,” Fiona McMoones said.

E.C. Best

Third-grade students in Monica Mayfield's and Stacy Stults’ classes followed the steps in the scientific method to answer how can a secret message be revealed.

Students learned about chemical reactions and how they can be caused by mixing alkaline and acidic substances. In addition to revealing the secret message they also had a little extra time to discover what happens when they mix vinegar and baking soda together.

“It’s so fun to watch our students learn and experience new and exciting things,” Stults said.


Kindergarten students started last Monday, and their teachers have already taken the year by storm. Students are busy and already learning their letters, colors and numbers. One of the ways the kindergarten teachers help teach students their colors is by focusing on one color each week. Last week the color was red. Students did activities and learned songs related to the color red and then they ended the week wearing red to school.

Northside Early Learning Center

Students in Sarah Williams’ 4-year-old class were busy during the first day of school. Students were engaged in reading and free play activities by gearing up for a school year packed with learning and growing as young students.


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