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Jim Valentine: Real estate in the snow

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

We have seen more snow in the valleys this year than normal, resulting in our real estate daily activities being more like what is experienced up at the lake. Deep snow inhibits many things and creates safety hazards. It can be difficult to traverse for those with mobility issues that are looking to buy a home. What to do?

The first thing to establish is commitment. Buyers that look at homes in the snow are among our favorites for they are surely committed. Those that say it is too cold, too much snow, or too hot in the summer and beg off showing may not be as committed as they say they are. Of course, many things come into play, but suffice to say that the buyer that shows up on a snowy day is serious. We had a couple this week that needed 2.5 hours to drive what is normally a one-hour drive to get to the showing. They made it and bought the house.

If you are selling a house and have a showing you might think about shoveling a path to the front door and to outbuildings that you want potential buyers to look at. That way they can do more than just focus on staying upright as they traipse to the front door. Even in the snow there is a lot to see as you approach a home.

Be sure to dress warmly so you don’t get chilled walking around. If you aren’t reasonably comfortable you may not get the right experience from the home to make the right decision for you. Stomp your boots before entering the home with snow on them. It is common courtesy and the first step to protecting what may become your home someday.

You can’t see everything when there is snow on the ground, and you must keep that in mind. One of the biggest hidden items is the roof. Normally you can see a lot about the condition of the roof from the ground, i.e. – missing or curled shingles, but if they are covered with snow, you can’t see them. Perhaps, the listing agent or owner can tell you when it was last replaced or send you pictures taken without snow. Extra steps, but a necessary precautionary step.

Landscaping, too, will be absent from the scrutinous eye. Again, photos from the owner or agent can help in this regard. Home inspections in the snow can be compromised if it is too deep. Your inspector will guide you on what they can get done for you.

A couple of extra steps when looking in the cold weather would include turning on a few faucets during the showing to make sure the water is flowing if the home is chilly. If the heat has been out and the weather cold, the pipes may have frozen. You want to make sure they thaw safely without a pipe break before closing. Single pane windows should be looked at. Are the drapes helping insulate? Is the garage insulated? Could be important if you intend to do things out there in the winter or summer. Good time to find out.

The current snow deluge is unusual, the most in over 100 years. The good news is that our snow usually doesn’t last very long in the valleys. It will melt and you can see things during the course of your escrow. In an unusual situation like we are now experiencing you may need a longer escrow to allow for snow melt so you can see what it is you are buying, utilize holdbacks for protection, write condition warranties into the contract, or take a leap of faith based on the integrity of the sellers and their agent.

Snow doesn’t stop the real estate industry in Northern Nevada; rather, it enhances the buying and selling experiences and provides additional fodder for memories to share with the grandchildren, “about the time…”

Commerce continues in Northern Nevada during extreme weather conditions. You expect to find food on the shelves when you go to the store, and it is there. So, it is with real estate. It is a good thing to see a home in its worst condition rather than when it is surrounded by spring flowers and the greens of summer. Go forth with confidence and achieve your real estate goals while the others are home having soup waiting.

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