Supervisors seeking volunteers for numerous boards

Redevelopment Area 1. A business or property owner in the area is needed for the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee.

Redevelopment Area 1. A business or property owner in the area is needed for the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors is looking for qualified residents to fill a variety of positions for volunteer boards and committees to help shape the future of local government.

A dozen positions are open, specifically for the Board of Appeals, the Culture and Tourism Authority, the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee, the Historic Resources Commission and the Audit Committee.

“This is a way for the community to make a difference, the constituents,” said Supervisor Maurice White.

White pointed out much of what comes before the Board of Supervisors is worked out in committees and advisory boards first.

“Often times, they’ve spent a lot of time and effort researching and putting the different ideas and programs together before we see them,” he said.

White described how he was appointed to the Airport Authority several years before being elected to the Board of Supervisors, how it taught him about government.

“Again, it helps the community understand what’s going on,” White said. “For every one of those folks who sits on a board or commission, they have family and friends and contacts in the community. It helps get the word out. It helps folks understand how the government works.”

And because the boards and committees have certain requirements for positions, they bring different levels of expertise to local government, White explained.

“In a lot of ways, it helps the Board of Supervisors make better policy,” he said.

Supervisor Lisa Schuette agreed.

“I think volunteering is a great way to be involved with city government,” Schuette said. “Each board assignment provides an opportunity for community members to share applicable expertise and insight, resulting in board recommendations being better able to meet the needs of our community.”

All volunteer positions are without compensation and require several hours of participation a month:

• The Board of Appeals has five positions open, each for a term expiring in January 2025. The positions are for a general contractor, registered architect, civil/structural engineer, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer.

“This board provides advice on matters involving the building codes and the fire codes in Carson City,” city officials said in a press release.

Depending on the category, qualified applicants for this board may need a business license in Carson City.

• The Culture and Tourism Authority has one position open for the volunteer board that oversees tourism within the capital city. The position is for a two-year term for someone who can represent “other commercial interests.” Meetings are held the second Monday of every month at 4 p.m. in the community center. “Owners, operators, managers, or other representatives of business in Carson City” may qualify for the position, according to the city, though hotel and motel operators are already represented on the board.

• The Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee has one position open for a business or property owner in Redevelopment Area 1. The term will expire in January 2026. Applicants must be Carson City registered voters.

According to the city, “the committee’s primary purpose is to make recommendations to the Redevelopment Authority on Redevelopment Area Plans, incentive programs, special event funding and other matters pertaining to the Redevelopment District.”

• The Historic Resources Commission has three positions available. Two positions are for unexpired terms ending in February 2025, and one position is for a full term ending in February 2027.

The unexpired terms are for two qualified applicants, the first for a building construction professional. The second is for an architect or design professional with experience in historic preservation. The full term is open to a person who owns property and resides within the historic district. All applicants must be Carson City residents.

According to the city, “the Historic Resources Commission reviews and makes decisions regarding projects in the Carson City Historic District and/or recommendations to the Planning Commission and/or Board of Supervisors regarding matters relating to Carson City historic resources.”

• The Audit Committee has two open positions for citizens at large, each for a term ending in December 2024. Applicants must be residents of Carson City and have experience with financial services, public accounting and/or governmental auditing, plus current knowledge of public laws and regulations of an audit committee. Applicants for this committee cannot be accepting compensatory fees from the city.

“The role of the Carson City Audit Committee is to maintain oversight of the auditing function, internal and external, resulting in increased integrity and efficiency of the audit processes for the city and the city’s system of internal controls and financial reporting,” city officials said.

The Audit Committee meetings are held at least quarterly.

Those interested can view board policies and apply online at


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