Letter: Forget pro-choice, consider anti-crime

Many states are legalizing abortion. Each state has settled on parameters for timing the event.

Abort before the heart beats, abort any time up to and including delivery. Spinning the truth so everybody feels better about killing something that has no heartbeat, feels no pain, or undeveloped brain. If a cell is growing it is alive, pure and simple. If a pregnant woman is murdered, it is a double homicide.

Killing a growing human life, no matter how small the life, is homicide. Choosing abortion as your form of birth control because the state you live in says you can, does not make it the right, healthy or moral choice. The state you live in should offer you free women’s health education, birth control, and abortion only when a victim of failed or missed Plan B for rape, incest, or physical and mental trauma or other health threats to the mother’s life.

A well-documented fact about women who carelessly chose abortion do suffer serious mental health issues for the rest of their life. Sadly society has created a generation of children and young adults who think it’s OK to kill babies. Just ask yourself how this will evolve and change our moral future. It is time to change the message. Don’t be cool and follow the crowd. Your best friend isn’t cool if that is what he or she is preaching. Please don’t be careless about birth control. Vote to save the future of our healthy young adults.

Melanie Walters



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