Letter: How can Burning Man continue?

For many years I wrote columns for the Nevada Appeal lambasting Burning Man, the naked drug festival that plagues Northern Nevada and the once-pristine Black Rock Desert every September. But this year I'll defer to Rob Price of Business Insider for a description of what the desert looked like after the grubby Burners departed:

“In the aftermath of the rain, ‘moop’ (matter out of place) was everywhere. The porta-potties were surrounded by a halo of toilet paper that clung to shoes. Flip-flops, bikes, clothes, scraps and other unidentified human-generated products were mashed into the ground, buried by up to a foot of fast-hardening brown ooze.”

So much for “leave no trace.” So how much longer will the environmentally correct U.S. Bureau of Land Management continue to tolerate such desecration of publicly-owned lands in a national conservation area?

Guy W. Farmer

Carson City


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