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A very merry Christmas in deed

Linda White

I was director of volunteers at Presbyterian Hospital in Oklahoma City the Christmas of ’89. The Auxiliary had “money” to bring to the corporate table and that December meeting I proposed adopting a family for the holidays.

Anita (one of my volunteers) had cerebral palsy, and once a week I would drive to her small town on my way to work and pick her up. She loved being around people and looked forward to helping them during their stay in the hospital. She owned a “shack” in the small town of Noble, and her daughter and granddaughter lived with her.

With the budget allowed, I decided to buy high-top tennis shoes and the latest fashion in jeans for the granddaughter. I bought a pair of slippers and a robe for the daughter.

When it came to mom, luckily I knew the banker in the local bank. I went in and asked for the balance of her home. I knew she was down to just under a year left. She had lived in that house all her married life and was struggling after her husband died. She didn’t drive and couldn’t count, so I would take her for her monthly ritual to the bank and she would smile and, lastly in November she said, 11 more payments!

That snowy Christmas Eve morning I proceeded with my staff with lots of food and goodies and gifts to her home. She was so excited to watch her granddaughter open that first shoebox. She was excited to watch her daughter open hers as well.

When she got to hers, she was grinning from ear to ear anticipating a new pair of shoes. Inside was the deed to her home.

The look on her face was the best Christmas experience I have ever had.