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A walk rich in Nevada history

F.T. Norton
Appeal Staff Writer

Mike Shaughnessy, left, and father Jack, as Daniel Boone characters in the 1938 Nevada Day Parade.

Sixty-six years ago Mike Shaughnessy was 3 years old when he and his father donned Daniel Boone costumes and walked together in the first ever Nevada Day Parade.

Thirty-two years later, Shaughnessy and his 4-year-old son Patrick adorned similar Daniel Boone costumes and took the journey through town.

On Oct. 30, 2004, more than a half a century later, Daniel Boone will be in triplet as Shaughnessy, now 68, his now-38-year-old son Patrick and and the family’s newest Old-West impersonator, grandson Lain, 4, walk the main street parade route together.

“I don’t know why Dad picked Daniel Boone, all I know is he and mom dressed me up and said follow me,” Shaughnessy recalls. “So when Patrick was just 4 I decided to have him walk with me.”

A Carson High School graduate and former Nevada Day Committee chairman for 16 years, Mike said he’s been in so many Nevada Day parades he’s lost count.

Once he was a miner with an ore car that his dad built. Another time he was a prospector . Somewhere in between he depicted Gen. Robert E. Lee as he road through town atop a white mustang. And another year he dressed as Nevada’s most famous wordsmith, Mark Twain.

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In the days before this Nevada Day Parade, Mike said the family is collecting the needed accouterments for their Daniel Boone outfits – a hard-to-find costume in the new millenium. In the days after, he’ll be placing the pictures of the Shaughnessy trio next to those from the past – a past rich with Nevada history.

Daniel Boone Trio

Find Mike Shaughnessy, his 38-year-old son, Patrick, and Mike’s 4-year-old grandson Iain as the Daniel Boone Trio in this year’s Nevada Day Parade.

They are marching in Division II, their number is 33.