ABC show finds some worthy candidates in Lyon County |

ABC show finds some worthy candidates in Lyon County

Karel Ancona-Henry
For the Appeal

Mary and Steve Boettcher will welcome the New Year when Ty Pennington and ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition come to Stagecoach to build them a new home Jan. 11.

Originally nominated by Christy McGill and Quest Lakes, of Healthy Communities Coalition, the Boettchers have gone through an extensive vetting process that began in November and were notified the first of December that they had been chosen.

Since, they’ve met with producers, sharing their needs, likes and dislikes, and deciding what items stay with the house and what can be donated to others or simply thrown away.

One day, the family and pets left the property so the producers, Lyon County planners and inspectors, sheriff and others could come out for preliminary work.

“The neighbors said there were 25 people with clipboards walking around,” Mary said.

What set the couple apart from the rest of the finalists may have something to do with their founding four years ago of Soul’d Out Ministries, an organization that serves young people from Silver Springs, Stagecoach and Dayton, their informal motorcycle ministry and that their daughter and grandson, 19 months, who requires 24-hour care, live in their tiny home.

Steve, a nondenominational minister, and Mary decided then they had heard enough about children dying from alcohol-related events and health issues or suicide.

“So we made up some fliers and invited kids to our house for food and games,” Mary said. “We had three show up that first night.”

Now, every Wednesday from 6-9 p.m., the Boettchers host anywhere from 35-45 young people, eating and playing games, and hope more will come.

“Whatever we can do to keep them out of trouble,” Mary said, adding the selection process “has been a very humbling experience.”

When Mary told me the good news, her first concern and hope was that whatever Extreme Makeover did would include something for the kids, who now meet in the Boettchers garage. Judging from past episodes, her prayer will be answered.

“This is so big … it wouldn’t just be a blessing for us but for the community,” she said. “This will draw attention and hopefully more kids will come and benefit from what we’re doing. It will be a real blessing for my daughter and her son, who now live in the living room.”

Happy 2008 to the Boettchers who not only understand what a difference each person can make, but who have actively worked to help and change their community. This is well-deserved.

To everyone, may the New Year be filled with every blessing.

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