Acoustic jam music group finds its home at Eddy Street Book Exchange in Carson Valley |

Acoustic jam music group finds its home at Eddy Street Book Exchange in Carson Valley

Jane Lehrman
Silver and Sage coordinator

At 2 p.m. the last Sunday of each month, the walls of the Eddy Street Book Exchange ring with music. Owner, Linda Finch, started “Acoustic Jam” about a year ago and has had eight to 10 people join in.

“There is a core of about five folks, but the others are different every time,” Finch said.

“Participants find out from the local paper or word-of-mouth. Sometimes a person will show up just to watch and sing along, but everyone has come back to play. One member even brought a tambourine and maracas so that a non-player could join in.

“So far we have had banjos, guitars and even a fiddle. Some people simply sing along. We do everything from Willie Nelson favorites to oldies and folk tunes. We go around the circle and each person chooses a song to lead. They use cheat sheets with chording and lyrics or play by ear.”

Finch does not play an instrument.

“I grew up in a musical family, but I was the one who didn’t learn to play. I met Mike Rottmann from Virginia City at a party and he suggested starting a music group in the Exchange, but I am really doing this for my own pleasure.

The group has been so nurturing – sharing and talking. They get along well together. The members come from Virginia City, Dayton, Carson City and Gardnerville/Minden area.”

The Eddy Street Book Exchange is housed in the historic Nevada Consolidated Telephone and Telegraph Building. Finch has no new books, but estimates she has 3,000 used paperbacks on the shelves. The idea is to take paperback books in trade to get other paperbacks. She established this business in 2005 with books she purchased at library and garage sales.

“I have never bought a new book and am fussy about what I buy. However, some popular books are well-worn. I charge one-half of the retail price, around $4, and customers may bring in paperbacks to exchange for credit of a-fourth of retail, which would be about $2 – that would make the book cost $2. They are allowed to use credit up to 50 percent of the retail.”

Finch has lived in this area for five years, but 30 years ago she lived in Woodfords for a time. After a divorce, she moved around to the Bay area, Ohio, Sonoma (Calif.) and back.

“I think Carson Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have five cousins here and it is nice to have a family base. They lived here when I was in Woodfords previously and some of them play in the group.”

Shelby, a friendly Australia cattle dog, attends every acoustic jam and greets all customers who come in the door of the historic building built in the 1900s.

For a treat, visit the Eddy Street Exchange at 1225 Eddy St. or call 782-5484.