Alternative energy deal not a sure bet |

Alternative energy deal not a sure bet

Nevada Appeal Editorial Board

We’re as in favor of alternate sources of energy as anyone. With the rapidly increasing cost of traditional energy sources, it is time to start looking seriously at the alternatives.

Carson City is plugged into the nationwide grid and anything that would reduce our dependence on that grid would be in our benefit.

However, we are not quite ready to see a wind farm planted on Prison Hill in the center of Carson City, no matter how many houses it will light up.

On Thursday, Carson City Supervisors will discuss a contract making Princeton Development Corp. the exclusive developer of alternative energy in the city.

Princeton Development was the company which proposed an auto mall in north Carson City.

Renewable energy may be the Internet stock of the next decade, which means it can be a great boon, but one best dealt with carefully.

We hope there will be a lively debate on the issue before the city commits to a contract which could lock us into a multiple-year, multi-million dollar contract.

Carson City does need to pursue clean, high-paying industry.

However, city officials need to be careful they do not spend too freely to obtain some future benefit.