Amodei votes to uphold Biden votes in Arizona |

Amodei votes to uphold Biden votes in Arizona

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., voted Wednesday to uphold Arizona’s Electoral College votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“I understand the frustration with a judge in Arizona expanding the time for registration, which resulted in 30,000 more people registering to vote,” he said.

But Amodei said Arizona law clearly gives the power to certify electors with the Arizona Secretary of State, the governor, Attorney General and Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court.

“Their discretion in certifying or not certifying under Arizona law is absolute,” he said.

He said those four officials unanimously certified the electors for Biden and Harris. Amodei said if Arizona voters disagree with that decision their proper forum is at the next election.

“Nowhere under 3 USC 15 do I find authorization for a member of Congress to substitute their legal judgment for the state and federal trial court judges in two election lawsuits filed in Arizona, where rulings upheld the 10,000 plus Biden win,” he said.

Amodei pointed out that his congressional district represents 11 Nevada counties and that, representing those Nevadans, “I have always tried to jealously guard Nevada’s ability to run its own affairs, even at times when I fundamentally disagree with how their being run.”