Andrew Lloyd Webber meets daytime television |

Andrew Lloyd Webber meets daytime television

Sam Bauman
Appeal Staff Writer

Enough of serious debate plays and soulful musicals. It’s time for a little theatrical fun in the form of a spoof of the everlasting “Phantom of the Opera,” now in its 17th year on Broadway.

The phantom has been around for a long time, dating back to Lon Chaney’s film version of the 1920s to the recent Broadway smash version. It’s even running today in Las Vegas in a digest version. Andrew Lloyd Webber is now a British knight for penning the music.

So leave it up to Carson High Capitol Stars to add a little laughter with their production of “Phantom of the Soap Opera.” It’s a mega-comedy, of course.

“Phantom of the Soap Opera” plays at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Brewery Arts Center. Tickets are $9 for general admission, $7 for children and students with a student body card, and $8 for seniors and students. Call 283-1684 for tickets.

The cast is under the direction of CHS drama coach Karen Chandler and the musical direction of Susan Sonnemaker.

“This is a fun show that anyone of any age would find hilarious. It’s full of cliché, slapstick and tomfoolery,” Chandler said. “The actors have had a blast finding all the over-the-top humor, not to mention enjoying the bad 1970s hair and clothing styles.”

Chandler emphasized that these shows always sell out and theatergoers planning to attend had best buy tickets early.

The story involves soap opera star Teddy Burnett, who is shot to death during the taping of the soap “As the Heart Burns.” Seems like there have long been ghost stories about Studio 13, so maybe they’re for real.

A phantom brags about committing the slaying and scares the cast out of their script books. The phantom gloats that the soap will end as the cast is offed.

To the rescue comes detective Digby Wright, an ill-clad fumbler, who doesn’t instill hope with the cast.

Then Regina Brooks, the heroine of the soap, is whisked away during a rehearsal in front of Wright and panic ensues. Regina’s boyfriend, Harlan Gaspar, star of another soap, is now the primary suspect and is nailed for her kidnapping and the murder of Teddy Burnett.

But to no avail. The phantom merrily carries on, boasting of his love for Regina, whom he keeps in the boiler room and late at night brings her to the studio.

Wright wises up that Gaspar can’t be the killer when the body of a missing maid is found on the set – she was killed after Gaspar was jailed.

The phantom is tickled, but is jeopardized when fumbler Wright sets a trap. He lets Gaspar escape, figuring the actor will lead him to Regina because Gaspar knows how to sneak about the building. Gaspar indeed leads Wright to Regina and the phantom, but the capture is foiled when a nosey reporter messes it all up.

Regina is saved, but the villain cannot be found. Wright comes up with another scheme to unmask the killer. A masquerade ball featuring all the stars will be held, to which the phantom has been invited. A costume mix-up almost allows the phantom to escape a second time, but in the end he is caught and unmasked.

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If you go

What: “Phantom of the Soap Opera”

When: 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Where: Brewery Arts Center, 449 W. King St.

Call: 283-1684

Tickets: $9 for general admission, $7 for children and students with a student body card, and $8 for seniors and students.

Cast in order of appearance

Regina Brooks, the glamorous young star – Carinne Powell

Teddy Burnett, the villain – Alex Crounk

Daphne Davis, the veteran diva – Elise Sala

Blythe Evans, silly but cute – Elizabeth Peebles

Quentin Harris, ex-football player turned actor – Keith Jones

Noah Caine, the father figure – Ben Guberman

Sam, the sandwich man – Philip Wortman

Addison Merriweather, the director – Josh Wold

Emily Parrish, the writer – Brittany Kinsey

Lily Ponds, the assistant to Mr. Addison – Karissa Pulizotto

Theodora Osborne, the producer – Hannah Nystrom

Harlan Gaspar, star of the rival soap – Cam Shirey

Millicent Crump, the costumer – Jacki Reichelt

Nellie Starr, local reporter – Tracy Morris

Digby Wright, chief detective – Dakota Dutcher

Eve Potter, digby’s hard-boiled partner – Lainey Henderson

The cameraman – Jake Linstrom

The sound Guy – Chris Wortman