Austin’s House holding 2015 Appeal For Kids fundraiser |

Austin’s House holding 2015 Appeal For Kids fundraiser

The Austin’s House 2015 Appeal For Kids runs through Jan. 31.

Austin’s House is celebrating eight years of providing care for children in crisis with its annual giving campaign, the 2015 Appeal For Kids.

The 10-bedroom facility opened in September 2007 and was built entirely with donations from the community.

“The generosity of our community never ceases to amaze me,” said Conrad Buedel, president of the Austin’s House Board of Directors. “We are blessed to live with such kind neighbors who understand the need for our services is always there. Fees for service cover only 50 percent of our expenses. We rely on donations, grants, and fundraisers to cover the balance. As you know, the costs of food, supplies, and services have increased dramatically over the past several years.”

“The average stay for a child at Austin’s House is seven weeks,” Buedel continued. “The children come from Carson City, Douglas County, and the surrounding rural communities. Austin’s House has no limit on the length of stay. Every child is given loving care until a suitable placement is found. We provide continuity for each child with services that allow them to stay in the same school, see the same doctor, dentist, and therapist, and have routine visits with family and friends.”

Raising the funds necessary to take care of children in crisis who must be removed from their homes is always a challenge for Austin’s House. “We are extremely proud of our financial record,” said Buedel. “Our annual budget is $300,000 and that works out to about $100 per child per day. Many of these kids need the utmost attention and care given their circumstances. We provide a terrific level of around-the-clock professional care for these children for less than it would cost to hire a babysitter for 24 hours. This year our theme is ‘It’s All About the Kids.’ Our goal is to raise $60,000. We are truly grateful to everyone for the support.”

For more information about Austin’s House, the Appeal For Kids campaign or making a donation can contact Austin’s House at 775-267-6711 or visit