Carson City Leisure Hour Club to host author Brooke Santina |

Carson City Leisure Hour Club to host author Brooke Santina

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Carson City’s Leisure Hour Club will start the new year with local author Brooke Santina, whose first novel “Dishrags to Dirtbags” tells the story of a meek housewife’s plunge into the often dangerous and mostly crazy world of law enforcement. The presentation will be at the club’s dinner meeting on Jan. 17.

A second-generation native Nevadan, Santina is a wife, mother, and deputy sheriff by day and a fiction writer by night (and on the weekends, holidays, and every other spare moment). All her life, she had wished that there was something special she could offer the world, something marketable, but believed that nothing about her was unique. Then she entered the police academy and took a job working in a jail. While there, she found the people in her life were fascinated by her stories of even the most mundane day-to-day work experiences. This gave her the idea of writing a book.

Santina earned a degree in Speech Communications from the University of Nevada, Reno, and was assigned as the public information officer for the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office. For the next four years, Santina could be found managing media at SWAT call-outs, fatal accidents, officer involved shootings, fires, floods, you name it.

It seemed a natural progression when in 2015, the State of Nevada Department of Corrections needed a public information officer and Santina was hired. Walking OJ Simpson out of prison was her latest claim to fame. Currently she’s working on how to pick reporters to sit with her and watch an upcoming execution. In her off time, Santina loves to travel, do home improvements and continues to write.

As a writer and public speaker, she’s passionate about sharing her message of empowerment and positive change with readers. Her novel is an offering, truly a book nobody else could write, based on her knowledge of the police world and desire to empower others to take a chance.

If you would like to attend this event, contact the club’s reservation chair at 775-400-2647 no later than Thursday to make your reservation. The meeting is preceded by a buffet dinner at 6 p.m. in the Carson Nugget Capitol Ballroom. Reservations for the meeting and dinner are required.

The Leisure Hour Club, established in September of 1896, is Carson City’s oldest continuously meeting social organization. Continuing to celebrate its 122nd year, the organization is focused on its goal of promoting knowledge of important issues, science, music and literature.