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Election 2014: Assembly District 39

Jim Wheeler
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Jim Wheeler

Residence: Ruenstroth area of Gardnerville.

Occupation: Semi-retired. Does some business consulting on a part time basis.

Age: 60

Party: Republican

Record of service: Incumbent assemblyman, District 39. USAF veteran.

Member, Legislative Committees: Judiciary; Natural Resources and Mining; Transportation; Interim Committee on Senior Citizens; Interim Committee on Special License Plates.

Honors: Voted No. 1 Conservative Legislator in Nevada by the American Conservative Union. Voted No. 1 Conservative Legislator in N. Nevada by NPRI. Voted No. 1 Conservative Legislator in N. Nevada by Citizen Outreach. Recipient of “Conservative Courage Under fire” award by Citizen Outreach. “A” rating by the Nevada Firearms Coalition. Endorsed by and “A” rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA). Endorsed by the Nevada Republican Party. Endorsed by the Lyon County Republican Party.

Platform: Unlike too many establishment politicians, I kept my word throughout the last session and will do so again if you see fit to re-elect me to this honored position. I have always maintained that I am elected to put forth my constituents’ wishes and believe I proved that in the last session.

My principles are simple and align themselves with those of my constituents. I am a proven conservative. I have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge stating that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes on Nevada’s citizens.

In this election, I have taken no money from lobbyists, and aside from a couple of friends who sent checks, all of my funding has come from people and businesses inside the district. That alone should tell you whose interests I have at heart and will always fight to protect.

I have not sought endorsements from other politicians because the only endorsements that mean anything are those of the people and organizations that represent the people. As you can see by the list above, I have earned the most coveted endorsements from those organizations.

If you see fit to re-elect me, I will once again take your principles to Carson City and I will not be swayed by the political machines that wish to control this state.

Contact: jim@wheeler4nevada.org; http://www.wheeler4nevada.org

Editor’s note: Independent American Party candidate Al Giordano didn’t respond.