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Election 2014: Carson City Board of Supervisors, Ward 1

Karen Abowd

Residence: Carson City

Occupation: Interior designer, restaurant co-owner/operator, Carson City Supervisor Ward 1

Age: 63

Record of service: Carson City Supervisor, Ward 1; Mayor Pro-tem; Redevelopment Authority Chair; Carson City Water Sub-conservancy Commissioner; Carson City Visitors Bureau Board Member; Human Services Tripartite Board of Directors; Representative for the Cross-jurisdictional Sharing Project Stakeholders Committee for Environmental Health; Nevada Works Board Representative; current Carson City Supervisors Representative to the Arts & Culture Commission; President, Three Greenhouse Project Board of Directors; Mentor of St. Teresa’s youth for 18 years; former char of the Downtown Consortium Beautification Committee; served on the Carson City School District’s Master Planning Community Relations Committee.

Education: University of Santa Clara (three years); University of Nevada, Reno, Bachelor of Science. Field of Study – Interior Design.

Honors: Human Service Network Award/2012 Politician of the Year; Ron Wood Family Resource Center/2013 Community Leaders of the Year — co-recipient with my husband, Charlie; Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada/2013 Triumphant Honoree Award for Environmental Leader of the Year; Nevada Business Magazine/2014 Award for Family-owned Business that has made significant contributions to the Community and gives back with pride.

Platform: My vision for an economically viable Carson City and business acumen guide my fiscal principles, which inform my view Carson City’s budget is tied to goals and objectives. My current leadership role and bridge-building abilities have allowed me the opportunity to be part of decision making that has made positive changes. My goals are to see through to completion the sales tax initiative projects, to continue working to market Carson City as a hub to outdoor recreation, history and cultural events. I intend to explore effluent and storm water retention opportunities. I will work with private developers to promote a variety of housing opportunities in our community for all ages. With the freeway completing, it is time to position ourselves as a unique, charming bedroom community to our surrounding region. I will continue working toward economic revitalization, increased market shares, and broad-based support for arts and education, providing new jobs and opportunities for our youth that create a sustainable quality of life for all. With a positive approach and high expectations, I believe we can create our own opportunities. We need to take care of our own and the time is now. Doing nothing is not an option.

Contact: karenabowd@hotmail.com or KAbowd@carson.org; http://www.electkarenabowd.com.

Lisa Helget

Residence: Carson City

Occupation: Retired State of Nevada employee

Age: 48

Platform: The Board of Supervisors must change from the fiscally irresponsible course that’s driving us deeper into debt, failing to meet our social responsibilities, and marginalizes community needs at the expense of personal agendas. I bring 27 years of experience in government budgeting and planning processes, and the critical skills needed to lead the city through the challenges ahead. My focus is on maintaining and upgrading our essential city services in a fiscally responsible manner while ensuring we are not unnecessarily increasing the cost-of-living or passing the burden of massive debt on to our children. This alone will ensure Carson City grows in a direction that addresses our community first and provides a viable financial future for generations to come.

Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability. Integrity: Our Board repeatedly caters to special interests and promotes self serving agendas at the expense of our community. This has to stop. Responsibility: We need to end needless and wasteful projects (like the downtown corridor) that massively increase our debt. Accountability: The Board has frequently refused to respect the voice of the citizens and provide transparency in Board decisions. Citizens deserve to vote on key issues affecting our city.

Contact: electLisaHelget@gmail.com, http://www.electLisaHelget.org.