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Election 2014: Nevada State Treasurer

Dan Schwartz

Residence: Las Vegas

Occupation: President and CEO of Qiosk.com.

Age: 64

Party: Republican

Record of Service: United States Army, 1972-1974.

Education: BA, Princeton; JD, Boston University; MBA, Columbia.

Platform: The State Treasurer has several responsibilities. Two are most important — investing the State’s General Fund and defending the Millennium Scholarship. I will protect taxpayer’s dollars by earning a positive return on the State’s General Fund, which is currently losing money after inflation; and, I will seek to recover the $50 million stolen from the Permanent Education Fund to create a risky, Wall Street fund. I will use this money to create jobs through a micro-loan loan program; to strengthen qualified small businesses; and to restore funding to the Millennium Scholarship program. I have 35 years of financial experience, investing money and working across many sectors of finance. I have also successfully owned and managed several companies, so I understand what meeting payroll and putting people first mean. I have raised two daughters; I know what an education costs. I will put Nevada First, fighting for all Nevadans not just the chosen few. In short, the State Treasurer invests your money, the State Controller counts it. Asking the Controller to invest the State’s money is like asking a pole vaulter to sprint the 100 yard dash. Both are on the track team, but only one can run the course.

Contact: dan@dan4nevada.com, http://www.dan4nevada.com.

Kim Wallin

Residence: Washoe Valley

Occupation: Nevada State Controller

Age: 57

Party: Democrat

Record of Service: 7 years 8.5 months as Nevada State Controller; CPA, Certified Financial Manager, Certified Management Accountant.

Education: UNLV Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in accounting.

Honors: 2003, Accounting Today recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in accounting in the country; 2006, “Woman CPA of the Year” of the entire country by the American Women’s Society of CPAs; 2008, Association of Government Accountants Presidents Award for improving transparency; 2011 National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurer’s President’s Award for improving government efficiency and accountability; 2013, The Excellence in Government Award by the AGA for advocating for improved accountability and transparency in government; 2013 NASACT President’s Award for improving disclosure of financial information for investors in municipal bonds.

Platform: As your State Treasurer, my number one priority will be to bring transparency to all of the economic development deals our state is entering into. All businesses who receive tax abatements and credits should come before the Board of Finance on an annual basis and report to the board what they have done for Nevada. Investments — I will maximize the return on our investments while adhering to sound, proven, and conservative investment policies and I will continue to bring proven business best-practices to government. Nevada Businesses — Nevada has many economic development programs to attract new businesses yet there are many businesses that have been here for years, through the good and bad times, that are being overlooked in our current economic development programs. These businesses often have difficulty borrowing money because their credit ratings have suffered as a result of difficulties due to the recession. A loan guarantee program, in collaboration with our community banks, may enable them to obtain the loans they need to expand or to purchase new equipment; creating new jobs for our state. Education — I will find a sustainable funding source for our Millennium Scholarship which is critical to Nevada’s future.

Contact: friendsofkimwallin@gmail.com, http://www.kimwallin.org.

Editor’s note: Independent American candidate Kress Cave didn’t respond to the candidate guide.